Get to know the blogger!

Hey anyone who decides to read this!
If you are reading, I feel extremely honored that you managed to find my tiny little blog. This is my very first blog post ever, so it’s just going to cover some basics.
Like I said, I’m just getting started. My name is Nicole, I’m only nineteen years old, therefore I am still a student. I am studying at UW Oshkosh, which is in Wisconsin in case you did not know what the  UW stood for.
I am majoring in Journalism and English because I LOVE reading and I LOVE writing. I can literally buy a book and finish it in no time. I believe my record was twelve hours. But I wasn’t really watching a clock. I did take a few breaks for eating and socializing with my family so they didn’t think I was completely anti-social. Otherwise I locked myself in my room or I would find a quiet hidden place in my backyard and just lose myself in the other world with different people and places.

My favorite thing about reading is being able to take yourself to other places. I love jumping into a book and I’m just completely lost in it. What I love about writing is similar; you can be in a different world, but when you’re writing you can control that world. You can make the character you with talents you want or people you want to know or dreams you don’t know if you can achieve.

I also love watching movies, but who doesn’t? I will watch mostly anything except for ghost movies. I don’t know why, but that kinda stuff freaks me out. Kidnapping movies? Fine. Crazy stalker murderers? I can handle that. Paranormal Activity? I woke up every day at 2 am for two weeks and freaked out like no other. I wish I could explain this weird fear to you, but I cannot.

I’m also a sucker for dance movies. The Step Up movies totally have my attention. I love them so much. Maybe it’s because I am such an awkward dancer and wish I was more talented, but it totally captivates me. Also, the show Dance Moms on lifetime. The moms are insane, I will literally yell at the tv because they get me so worked up, but I love watching those little girls dance.

So in this blog, I have yet to decide on a single topic. I don’t even know how often I will post yet. But it will probably be all over the place. Books I’m reading, books I liked or disliked, maybe a review of a movie I saw, or reviews on episodes of TV shows I love. I may even get into clothes and how some fashions lately are terrible or I could give secret tips for hair or makeup because I also enjoy doing that kind of stuff.

So some of these posts may interest you, some you may hate. Maybe this entire blog will not be your cup of tea, but I hope with the variety I may find at least ONE person who likes it.

Feel free to leave your opinions, of my writing, of my posts, of my reviews, of your reviews of the things I’m reviewing. Any feedback is good feedback. Negative feedback may suck, but how are you supposed to improve when you don’t know what’s wrong? But if you have a negative comment, don’t be harsh, just helpful please. And if it’s a good comment, well that would just make me feel awesome.

Thanks for taking your time to read a little about me and I hope I will see you soon!




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