“Awkward.” season finale

Another thing about me, I am a huge TV junkie. There are so many shows that I watch religiously and one of them had its season finale last night. The show “Awkward.” on MTV wrapped up its second season last night by finally showing us who Jenna chose, but did she actually choose?

I absolutely adore this show. I love the plot of it, the characters, the dialogue. People ask me all the time if I’m team Jake or team Matty and to be honest, I’m not sure. Both guys have pros and cons.

I liked Matty because, well, look at him. If you see that guy walking down the street, you’re probably going to be staring at the entire time he’s walking towards you. I’m not ashamed to admit it. And I thought it was so cute when he showed up at the winter formal to get Jenna back at the end of the first season only to see his best friend had come in and stolen her. That doesn’t take any of my love away from Jake because he didn’t even know about Jenna and Matty, which is one of my few cons to Matty: he never told anyone about Jenna. Who does that? If you really like someone, why are you keeping them a secret? So I think Jenna did the right thing by telling him that they were done because who wants to be someone’s secret? I know I don’t.

Then again, I thought it was cute that he was still trying to win Jenna over while she was dating Jake because he realized he screwed up and he regretted it. But at the same time, it’s like “Come on, Matty. She’s obviously happy here.” Plus, why would you want to break up your best friend and his girlfriend when they’re doing so well together? So I was thankful when he finally backed off, but then he started dating the freshman and I had mixed feelings again. I thought “he has finally moved on and realized that he would’ve been the bad guy had he broken them up” and “shoot! Now Jenna and Matty will never be together” at the same time.

With that, Jenna shouldn’t have been so upset that Matty was with the freshman because she had Jake who, let’s be honest, is so cute and so nice to her. He even broke up with Lyssa for her! And here she is, with such a great guy, being jealous that the guy she turned down is seeing someone else.

I guess I don’t really have any cons for Jake except for maybe that he broke up with Jenna and then wouldn’t hear her out. Then that whole thing where him and Matty got into the fight? Maybe a little over the top, but totally understandable. So part of me was rooting for Jake, too.

So if you look at it, Jake is pretty much the better choice, because he liked her the whole time and was really sweet, while Matty was trying to get her back  because he screwed up in the first place. So should Jenna give Matty a second chance and hope that he treats her right this time or forgive Jake and take him back?


In the end, she chose Matty. More mixed emotions because I’m totally torn. (I could not imagine actually being Jenna). This time Matty is actually acknowledging her in public, so that’s a good sign. And here she is, getting jealous at Jake talking to other girls. Really, Jenna? So by the end of the episode she seems like she actually wants Jake back.

There was a huge red flag for me when she asked her mom about Europe and her mom told her to go and not spend all of her time with her boyfriend because she will regret the fun she missed out on. Then Jenna gives her spot on the trip to Tamara, which was sweet as a best friend, but she did it to stay with Matty. The last scene is her sitting on Matty’s lap watching everyone else dance and have fun, which is exactly what her mom said she regretted doing with her ex-boyfriend Ben.

So what do we anticipate for season 3? I’m going to predict Jake and Tamara get together, Jenna gets jealous but can’t tell Tamara, and Matty is going to start not being such a dream-come-true for her. I guess we will have to wait until the season returns for us to find out.

Feel free to leave any opinions about the show or my opinions of it!

Thanks for reading! Stay excellent. (name that movie!)


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