“Under the Never Sky”

So I have just finished a book I’ve been working on for a little while. It is Veronica Rossi’s Under the Never Sky. I probably would have finished it faster had I not been in school. But balancing homework and reading and having a social life does take a little work. But anyways, I finally finished it! So here are my thoughts.

I must say I enjoyed it. I thought it had a sort of slow start to it, but I’m extremely impatient in some books, so that’s probably just me.

One of my many weaknesses in books is a romance. If there isn’t a good love story in a book, I’m not as drawn to it. It’s not something I’m proud of, but it is a fact and it’s just the types of books I read. So luckily for me there was a romance in this story.

The romance was a little bit slow to start with as well, but once it got there I couldn’t stop reading. I thought it was well written and adorable and it had me totally captivated. I love that it started out with the two main characters not liking each other at all. Then, as it always is, they find themselves drawn to each other and they don’t know why. Then there’s this amusing jealousy scene and then BAM, they suddenly like each other.  Predictable, yet cute. There’s nothing wrong with predictable though, you just aren’t shocked when things happen.

I also liked the sci-fi aspect of the book. The fact that some of the tribal people had special powers like being able to see well, maybe better at night, or hear from miles away or smell so well that they can smell people’s emotions was intriguing to me. I mean, who doesn’t wish they had powers like this? I know I do.

I will say that I want to read the sequel to it, but mostly because I’m just curious about where their stories go. This book doesn’t exactly leave off with a cliffhanger. It did take some shocking turns, but it didn’t have a sort of ending that made me want to go out and buy the next one as soon as I could.

I would suggest this book to other people who are interested in a sci-fi, romance, Young Adult type books.  Maybe even just one of the three categories, because I personally do not usually read sci-fi books. So give it a shot and you should too. You may surprise yourself and enjoy it.

Anyone else who read this book and want to leave their opinions, feel free! I’ll write again as soon as I have time.

Take care and have a fun, safe weekend.


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