Pitch Perfect


So I literally just got back from the movie Pitch Perfect, and I am just going to warn you that my opinion may be a little biased due to my love for musicals and a Capella singing. That being said, I absolutely loved it.

Naturally, as what happens to me with most musicals, I always get the final song stuck in my head. Usually for a very long time. So I was singing the entire drive back home and will probably continue this throughout the entire night. The worst part about musicals, though, is that they make you believe that you can sing just as well which is not the case for me. So I will probably annoy everybody I come in contact with for the next couple of days, maybe weeks.

Anyways, back to the movie. The plot was pretty typical for a musical. A group trying to win a contest. Naturally, since there is a boy and a girl group, there is a massive rivalry and obviously there is going to be some romantic involvements between the groups. Luckily for us, the romance wasn’t over the top or poorly done. I personally thought it was pretty cute. I guess there’s my bias again, though, because I sometimes like cheesy romances. Like, if the couple doesn’t get together at the end I will probably pitch a fit. It’s in cases like those that I think being predictable is okay.

I also enjoyed almost every song. Almost. I’ll try to avoid spoilers for whoever hasn’t seen it yet (and if that sentence qualifies as you, I would change that ASAP). There is one mash-up that the leader keeps pushing that they do. At first, I was like okay. This isn’t bad. It’s catchy, the songs are good. The second time I heard it, though, I was ready for something new. Otherwise I really enjoyed the soundtrack and am currently looking up pricing on it on iTunes.

I give the casting director two thumbs up. I hated who I was supposed to hate, loved who I was supposed to love, and laughed at who was obviously supposed to be making the most jokes. I thought the screenplay writer did a phenomenal job with the quick-witted and hilarious dialogues and one-liners and the music producer and choreographer had me entertained during any musical number.

So based off of all of this, I would think it’s safe to say that when Pitch Perfect comes out on DVD, I will be first in line purchasing a copy.


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