So school has been kicking my butt, and it’s hard to get in time to finish a novel or find a ride to see a movie here in college, but when I went home I saw the new James Bond movie Skyfall.

My only complaint is that the movie felt long to me, which is probably because it was about two and a half hours long. There were points where I thought “Yes! They finally got him.” And then they wouldn’t have the bad guy anymore. Other than the length of the film, I honestly have no other complaints.

I am a major James Bond junkie. My dad has every Bond film made and I probably watch Casino Royal every couple of months. I love the action in it, the occasional romance, the awesome chase scenes in the amazing old, classic cars.

As for Skyfall, it is much different than Daniel Craig’s other films playing the famous agent 007, but it was oh-so-good. There was really no romance, which shocked me, aside from Bond’s usual one-night-stand who more often than not ends up dead. There was also really no Bond girl. Perhaps the character of Eve qualifies, but she’s only really his sidekick in about two fight scenes. Otherwise it’s mostly James Bond taking care of the mission on his own.

As previously stated, the plot was different from the past few. As much as I love movies that end predictably, I love being taken by surprise by an ending or a relationship between characters. Predictability is fun for cute romantic comedies, but who wants a predictable action movie? I know I don’t sit for two and a half hours in the theatre for an ending I could have called from the start. What a waste of time.

This is the franchise’s 50-year-anniversary and the film they made had to have been one of the best. Coming off of Quantum of Solace, which I wasn’t as fond of, this movie made a huge comeback and did an amazing job reeling the audience back in and putting Daniel Craig back on the map of being a great Bond.

I have heard people saying that Daniel is starting to look a bit old to be playing Bond, and off of those remarks seems to be the next plot of Skyfall. It is mostly about Bond trying to get back into the game and people thinking that he’s washed up and has been to the max with all his missions. Bond, however, is not ready to give up on how he lives his life and sets out on a mission barely recovered from an injury and hardly ready to take it on.

This James Bond kept its traditional charms, though, of exciting chase scenes and gorgeous old cars with plenty of fight sequences with the attractive Daniel Craig and an ending I did not predict. I have heard rumors that this is Daniel Craig’s last film as agent 007, and my heart breaks with this news. I think he’s done an amazing job and this film is one of the best Bonds in a while.

I give this Bond two thumbs up. I would gladly sit through this movie for another two and a half hours, and if you haven’t yet, I highly suggest you do.


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