I actually finished this book a couple days ago and have finished yet another within that span of time. So my review is going to be a little fuzzy because of my procrastination. Sorry guys!

But I finished reading the third book to the “Matched” trilogy, “Reached” by Allie Condie. I will say that I read this trilogy based off Amazon’s recommendations because I read “The Hunger Games” series (which was AMAZING, I might add). I finished “The Hunger Games”, then the two books of the “Delirium” series, and the two of the “Divergent” series before finishing all these. So to me, this series was a little bit boring after coming off of all of those stories.

I think that the first of the series, “Matched” was probably my favorite because it was still her figuring out what was going on and deciding whether or not to rebel. To me, that was pretty interesting because there was a plot there. The second one I read months before this one, so when the third one came out I thought about re-reading it, but then remembered that I was actually fairly bored with it to be honest.

I just remembered that it was Cassia running through army bases and “The Carving” to find Ky, who had run off to escape. It took at least half the book for them to be reunited, if I’m remembering correctly. Then the idea of the “cliffhanger ending” she used didn’t lure me in nearly as much as other cliffhangers did. It simply ended with her at the train station excited to see him again. We aren’t sure if she’s talking about Ky or Xander, but either way it left me with the sense of “yeah , I can wait until November for the next one” as opposed to the endings “Insurgent” or “Pandemonium” where I was going insane that I had to wait so long to finish the series.

This third book was better than the second, but it took me a long time to read it. I just felt like the plot started off so slow. It took me until they were all reunited on the airship heading to the outside to find a cure for the plague, the plague that I was kind of sick of hearing about, by the way.

Also, I felt terrible for Xander the entire time. I was definitely rooting for him. Which I obviously wasn’t supposed to be doing because the stories are basically about Cassie and Ky and how much they love each other, but come on. I know Ky has terrible luck and he never wins, but Xander kind of had her first. They were definitely matched together before Ky came along.

Anyways, I wasn’t really hooked into this book until it was ¾ done. I actually thought it was really predictable, too. Even the parts that were supposed to be climactic I guessed would happen a couple chapters earlier. Maybe that’s just me and no one else thought so, but that’s my own personal opinion.

I won’t say much else for fear of spoiling it for others who haven’t read it yet and plan on it. So I’ll just leave you with this: The series wasn’t bad. It was pretty good, well written, it had romance and some parts that were captivating. To me, it was a slow read and there are better series out there. Give it a shot if you want, but if you’ve read the other series I’ve listed about already, you may very well feel bored.


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