So If you read my recent review on “Reached” you will have read that I finished another book before I wrote that review. Well this, my friends, is the book I finished. It is called “Fallen” and it is one of the many books written by Lauren Kate. I had bought it in summer because it sounded kind of interesting and it’s part of a series, which I love because then I know what to read next. I read the first few pages and for some reason decided to put it down to start “Divergent” (which I absolutely do not regret because that is probably my favorite book right now and if you haven’t read it yet DO IT), but my only regret is that I waited so long to pick it back up. I finished it in three days, which consisted of two late nights where I read until I could not keep my eyes open anymore.

If someone asked me what it was about, all I could really say is that it’s about a girl at a reform school who sees these creepy “shadows” and is for some reason drawn to this boy who is so rude to her. And I personally thought the plot sounded really intriguing, but what kept me reading was that she kept having flashbacks, and there were obviously secrets that this boy was keeping from her.

So I kept going to find out what these secrets are, and in comes another guy trying to win her over. So there was drama between that guy and the rude one. And I’m sitting here like “why does he care so much? He’s being so mean to her.” So naturally I keep reading to see what that’s all about (and also because I’m a hopeless romantic and can read love stories for hours).

My biggest thing is predictability in books. For some reason in movies I could care less if I see it coming. It actually makes me feel proud because I took a film class in high school so I feel like I understood what we learned about foreshadowing (which I feel like anybody could understand). But predictability in books drives me insane. It’s like, I’m not going to waste my time reading this book if I can tell you what’s going to happen and how it will end. But let me tell you, there was only one thing I predicted and it was such a minor detail I shouldn’t have gotten so excited about it.

I don’t know if I was just easily sucked in or if the book was actually that gripping, but I just could not stop. There were seriously days where I was upset I made plans because all I wanted to do was finish this book. And I’m sure that makes me sound like a great people person, but honestly, I was so into this book.

There was romance and some action and so much mystery and shocking twists I did not see coming. And although the ending was not a complete cliffhanger, there were still so many secrets I had no idea of that they mentioned that I went ahead and bought the second book basically right after I finished the first.

I highly, highly recommend this book, this entire series. If you don’t like it, then I’m really sorry I oversold you, but I feel like if you enjoyed the other books I’ve reviewed, then we have similar taste and I promise you will like it. So give it a go and let me know what you think. I’ll be checking to see if anyone wants to leave comments and chat about it with me when I take a break from my anti-social reading-intensive life.

PS. I promise I have friends and don’t actually always blow them off to read books. I just spend every other waking second of my free time reading.


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