Hello, friends. Last night I stayed up into the wee hours of the night to finish “Torment”, the sequel to “Fallen”, by Lauren Kate. I would just like to quick clarify that I posted my review for “Fallen” after I had already started “Torment”, so I did not finish it in three days. It was more like five, which is still embarrassingly quick, but it happened.

ANYWAYS, I will admit I liked the first one better. Part of that is because the first ones are always the best. They set up the romance and have so many unanswered questions and all that. In this sequel, Daniel sends Luce to a boarding school for angels to try to protect her. He doesn’t ever say from what, just that it’s safer and that she shouldn’t leave. That kind of annoyed me throughout the entire book, actually. Luce kept asking him questions and he would just ignore them. It’s like, just tell her why she’s here, who she’s hiding from, what the bad guys are like. Maybe that will help her stay out of trouble, which she did not do. She’s a stubborn girl and I appreciate that and hate that about her.

So I partly didn’t enjoy this book because Daniel and Luce weren’t together. I like reading about the romance, so while he was gone it was just her adjusting to Shoreline. Which wasn’t bad, just not what I was expecting. Except then there’s the character of Miles, who I like and hate. He’s so nice to her and he’s being a good friend, so I liked him. (Mild spoiler alert, but it’s pretty predictable anyways) But then he suddenly likes her. Miles knows about her and Daniel, it’s in angel text books for crying out loud, yet here he is hitting on Luce and all that garbage.

I felt bad for Luce though. She just wants to know more about her past and about Daniel and what he’s off doing, but no one will tell her because they think she will spontaneously combust from knowing too much too soon. So she takes it upon herself to summon Announcers and try to figure it out, then gets in trouble for it by the teachers, who will then still not tell her anything.

Even though it seems like this review is all complaints, I promise the book was still good. I do prefer the first, but that’s usually the case, isn’t it? It does still have romance, I believe almost all of the characters in the first come back. And I do love how it starts and ends with segments from Daniel’s point of view and what he’s doing.  It leaves on a cliffhanger, so I’m off to start “Passion” and I will let you know how that is. So obviously, if you enjoyed the first you will enjoy the second. I just wanted to get some of my minor complaints out there. If you haven’t picked up “Fallen” yet, go do so. Then finish the series with me.


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