“Fallen in Love”

“Fallen in Love” is referred to as book 3.5 in the “Fallen” series by Lauren Kate. Since 3.5 comes before 4, I decided to read it before “Rapture”. And to be honest, to me it felt like a waste of time. It did nothing to advance the plotlines at all, which annoyed me because I was all set to start reading the next book to see what happens with Daniel and Luce.

This book was a compilation of a couple different love stories in the medieval era on Valentine’s Day. It started off with Shelby and Miles, whose story I predicted after the first few pages. Then it went to Roland’s love story, which was kind of sad. The only girl he had ever loved and he left her, then decided years later he wanted her back only to find she was married with kids already. Poor guy. What he does for the new husband though is so nice, I loved Roland after his story.

But then there was Arriane’s. There was a twist to hers I’m not sure I enjoyed. I’ll just say she was in love with a demon and obviously angels and demons can’t be together. So it was mostly just them going back and forth on whether or not they should be together.

And then there was another one of Daniel and Luce, who went three-D into her past self’s body again.  Their story was actually cute and I liked it. It was basically a segment that could have been included in “Passion” but was saved for the Valentine’s special of “Fallen in Love”.

To me this book could be read at the end of the series, or opted out completely. Like I said, it does nothing to advance the plot. It’s just a little extra time with the characters we’ve grown to love and a few extra love stories to read. It does give a little more background on the characters of Roland and Arriane, but not important enough that it needs to be read before “Rapture”.


2 thoughts on ““Fallen in Love”

  1. Well, in the fourth book there are some mentions of things that happened in this one.
    You wouldn’t be completely lost without having read this one, but you might be a little confused.
    I personally wish I would have read it last, after I had finished the entire series.
    I kind of rushed through it so that I could start “Rapture”.
    So it’s up to everyone’s personal preference, but I would suggest just leaving it for the end.

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