The Vampire Diaries

So In around September I invested in the procrastination machine called My first mission was to catch up on the show “ The Vampire Diaries” on the CW because I was hearing how great it was. I was instantly hooked and caught up just in time for it to premiere season 4 on TV. Before Christmas the show took a break for a couple weeks and came back Thursday.

I’m going to start off by saying I’m not sure I liked that they made Elena a vampire in season 4. I’m not sure I like Elena in season 4 period. The season itself is actually starting to slowly go downhill. The first four episodes of this season were her adjusting to becoming a vampire. The next four were about how she’s suddenly scired to Damon and everyone is freaking out about it.  It’s like, just let her be. I was team Damon for a while but in this most recent episode I think I’ve switched back to team Stefan.


I hated Rebekah for locking them all in the room and making Elena talk about how she was in love with Damon and not with Stefan. Horrible. Just horrible. And then she called Tyler in and made him change into a wolf and chase them all around. I just didn’t understand what she was trying to achieve there. Oh yeah, to find out what they know about the cure.

Which is all the season has become about. And it’s not even them looking for the cure, it’s them sitting about talking about it. I’m having mixed emotions about where this show is going. It’s losing all it’s intense plot lines and has basically switched over to being about Damon and Elena and how Stefan is so heartbroken about it.

This past episode seemed to have some more advances in the plot a little bit. We learn more about the cure and how they can get it. They FINALLY brought back the “Original Family” which is awesome, because let’s be honest, the show gets intense when they’re around. And suspense makes the show so much better.


Also, Bonnie finally got her powers back. She used them to save Shane, which is great, but that also managed to save April, which I honestly didn’t care about. Her character just seems so useless to me. She’s just this girl who’s all upset and in denial because people are walking around saying her dad intentionally killed all those people (which he obviously did) for the sacrifice Shane needed. Whether he needed it for the cure or to find Silas I have no idea.


I’m kind of intrigued to see where they go with this whole Silas thing. When Shane brought it up Rebekah and Kol both freaked out about it, which makes me think that the Originals have had a major run in with him before. I just hope that it’s not this major build up and he’s in one or two episodes and then killed off like what they did with Michael.

I’m also actually pumped that Stefan and Rebekah have teamed up to go off and find the cure themselves. I sort of hope that they start dating again. Since Elena hates Rebekah so much, and obviously Rebekah hates Elena and Stefan is so depressed, maybe that’ll just make everyone happy again. I guess we will see.

If anyone watches with me, it’s on the CW at 7 pm on Thursdays.


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