So yesterday I FINALLY finished “Rapture” by Lauren Kate, the fourth book in the “Fallen” series. (I was kinda busy getting ready to head back to school) And oh my god.  I’m absolutely in love. It’s a good thing I left them at home when I moved into my dorm yesterday or I would probably be rereading “Fallen” right now. Which I’m sure I’ll be doing eventually.

I was kind of nervous to start this book because the reviews on goodreads.com were not so great, saying that Luce was whiney and annoying, the plot was uneventful, blah blah blah. But since I read the other 3.5 I had to know how it ended, and to be honest I have no idea what the reviews on goodreads.com were talking about because it was amazing.

The reviews compared Luce to Bella Swan from Twilight. I will only acknowledge the comparison in that she is so completely in love with Danielle that it’s basically all she cares about. But because of that, she’s looking to help break the curse. Which is the plotline and I was intrigued the entire time. Luce was actually a really strong female lead, which makes her the complete opposite of Bella because Bella just sat around attracting vampires and ruining everyone’s lives. Luce was determined to break the curse and help everyone. I thought she was a great character and I absolutely loved her.

“Passion” leaves off with Lucifer (yes, the devil) saying he is going to erase the past to try to get all the angels and demons to join his side instead of God. So Luce and the angels are now on a mission to find these three relics that will show them the sight of “the fall” (where the angels/demons fell to earth if they did not choose to side with Lucifer or God). So the first maybe 60% is them searching for these relics. Then it turns into having like two days left until “the fall” is over and then the past will be erased.

So in this time crunch is when they’re trying to get Luce to remember all these things. I was so frustrated at first because I’m like we still know nothing. We don’t know how Luce and Daniel first met, why he won’t tell her how they met, they just wouldn’t tell Luce anything. They all kept saying she needed to find out on her own and I was like why will no one tell her? Honestly, how is she supposed to be any good.

Eventually they drop this giant bomb on you, I personally had no idea it was going to turn out the way it did but maybe some people predicted it, and I was so shocked but really excited about it. Then they turn that into ANOTHER shocker and I couldn’t even handle it. From there, there was only one minor thing that I was like oh, so then Luce must be this. But they get there eventually. So then I was so into it because I did not see it coming. By then it was over and I was really sad.

The ending was absolutely adorable. I sometimes hate endings of series, because it’s like how are they supposed to end it? I think Lauren Kate did a great job. It was so cute and I was so happy about it and then it was the last page and I got so upset. I already pawned the books off onto someone else to make them read.

I loved it, absolutely loved it. And there are rumors online that Disney bought the rights to turn this into a movie. I hope that they do because I would love to see how it looks on the big screen, but I’m kind of nervous that Disney is doing it because it’s a little bit dark. I don’t really know what Disney is up to now but I keep picturing all the animated movies like Snow White or Hercules. So hopefully they don’t make it all cutesy and okay for little kids to watch because then it will just not be the same.

So if my reviews have not convinced you yet to read this series, please do. Please please do. I will be so happy if my little blog helped convince people to read this amazing series. I don’t think you will regret it. And if you read it, feel free to contact me. I love talking about it with people. It’s really hard for me to go on this long rant about how amazing it is without giving things away. So please read it and then leave a comment or ask for my email or something. I’d be more than happy to talk with you.

So thank for taking the time to read today, guys. I hope you have a good one!


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