Silver Linings Playbook

I had the good fortune to have a friend with a car visit me at school this weekend. I decided to take advantage of that and make them take me off campus to see a movie. I basically gave them no choice and said we are seeing Silver Linings Playbook with Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence because it looks good and I want to see it before it leaves theaters. And let me tell you, so worth it.

This movie is amazing. And if I remember correctly, Jennifer Lawrence has won and been nominated for tons of awards for Silver Linings Playbook and I think it’s up for Best Picture at the Oscars.

The casting is amazing, the script was great, the plot was so insightful. I will start off by saying it was not was I expected. I thought it would be a two hour long love story (because we all understand why obsessive weakness with love stories) but it turned out to be different than that. It was kind of focused around Bradley Cooper’s character, Pat, who has bipolar disorder, getting released from a mental hospital and trying to get back into the swing of things.

He gets locked away for beating a man near death when he came home and saw his wife having an affair with him. His wife then gets a restraining order on him and he comes out of the hospital with the attitude that “I’m clean now, I’m getting better, I just need to show her and we can be together again.” He is completely under the pretense that she will still be with him. And for me that got extremely frustrating, but I also appreciated it because people with disorders don’t exactly always understand that they have one or how it affects people.

Another great example of that was Pat’s dad, who obviously had some OCD. I could tell the family knew he had OCD, but I don’t think the dad thought he did. They showed how he had these rituals, usually just about football, and if they weren’t done exactly right he freaked out. But to him, he just thought he was superstitious, he didn’t think anything specific was wrong with him.

They also claimed that Jennifer Lawrence’s character, Tiffany, had a mental disorder. Everyone kept saying she was crazy, she was the town psycho, she even brought up which medications she was on to Pat, but I’m not exactly sure which disorder she had. Maybe depression because her husband had passed away. Either way, the film covers how people’s family and friends and even their social lives are affected by mental disorders, how they can be treated, and what kinds of things can happen if they are not treated.

In the end, it ended up being a slow paced love story, but it got there and it made me really happy. I’m not usually a die-hard Oscars fan, I don’t find it amusing to sit and watch for three hours who won what when I  can just look up the highlights online the next day. Whether I decide to watch this year or just look up who won what, I really hope to see Silver Linings Playbook picking up a lot of awards. If you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend it. And my opinions may not seem valid to people because I usually say that I like everything, but I seriously mean it this time. I don’t usually like a lot of Oscar nominated movies because they seem boring and way too into making statements about politics or important things that go over my head, but I really liked this movie.

And I know movie tickets are slowly reaching a criminally high price, but it was well worth the $9.50 to see this movie.


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