“Safe Haven”

So somehow my second semester of college, with 15 credits, I still managed to find time to do homework, be social, and read. Don’t know how, but I did it. This time I decided to step away from the Young Adult Fantasy category to read Nicholas Sparks’ book “Safe Haven” seeing as the movie is coming out soon.

As I do with most books I read, I went to goodreads.com to check out some of the reviews. They were either praising the book or tearing it down. Since the reviews on the website also tore down the “Fallen” series that I adored, I decided to just give it a shot. I actually really enjoyed this book, it is much better than a lot of his, but I do still have some minor complaints.

I will say that Nicholas Sparks has a tendency to have extremely repetitive plots. The books are usually good, but if friends ask  if I’ve read one I have to ask about the character’s names, not the plots. This book started off with a sort of similar plot. A good looking man and woman meet and are almost instantly drawn to each other somehow. They eventually start dating, fall in love, something happens that makes them temporarily part, and then they make up and all is well. This isn’t the case in all of his books, but a good majority.

(Speaking of repetitive, let’s take a minute to acknowledge how all the movie covers are basically the same…)

This book was actually way different than most. For a while I compared it to “The Guardian” or “The Lucky One”, but once I got to the end I was actually shocked. Major twist that I did not predict until just before they talked about it. And that was only after they hinted at it majorly. I’m lucky my roommate was still awake so I could talk about how crazy it was. It was unlike anything Nicholas Sparks has ever written.

I will agree with some of the reviewers: it was a little mundane when the intense moments weren’t happening. He went into great detail to describe their daily activities. The food they made, how they did it, when they went shopping and what they bought. I was really only captivated when Katie talked about running away from her husband or when it was in her husband’s point of view of how he would find her. (Hopefully this wasn’t a big spoiler, but they talk about this so early on that it hardly ruins anything. But I’m still sorry if it does.)

If I had to rate this book I’d give it a 3.5/5. I kept reading to read more of the crazy intense parts but got so sick of the boring parts sometimes I just looked at the book and I was like I really want to read but the plot is so slow right now.

If you read Nicholas Sparks books and enjoy them, you’ll really love this. If you don’t have the patience to sit through a 300 page book that’s maybe 100-150 pages of intensity, then it’s probably not for you. If you’re curious, go ahead and give it a shot. It’s actually a really good book, just kind of repetitive.  Since I am heading home this weekend, my friend agreed to see the movie with me. So stay tuned for the movie review/comparison this weekend!


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