Glee: “I Do”

I will either make friends or enemies by admitting this, but I am a huge fan of “Glee”. Yes, it was at its prime in season 1, and yes, they have made some poor plot decisions in the past few seasons, but I still watch it weekly.

So this week was the episode where Will FINALLY returns (since he was in Washington to save the arts program somehow? Not really sure about that one) and he is FINALLY getting married to Emma! Except Emma is getting cold feet because she feels bad that Finn accidentally kissed her last week and she thinks since her first marriage to Carl failed her marriage to Will is going to fail also. They don’t really go into it much more past her singing a song and getting in a cab, so I guess we will have to see where it takes us in a few weeks.

I was kind of upset when Finn told Rachel about it and she told him to lie. I don’t understand why everyone wants to lie about it. Finn was upset about Rachel and Brody, Emma was nervous, he acted impulsively and without thinking and accidentally kissed her. I don’t think it would have ruined the wedding nearly as much as Emma leaving Will at the altar, which she in fact does. And I was really upset about it! Yet amused when Sue walked down the aisle for her in the exact same dress.

Then they brought in Emma’s “cousin” who is in a wheelchair who she is trying to set up with Artie. Now I was kind of upset about this character introduction because the cousin was played by Ali Stroker from the second season of “The Glee Project”. What makes me mad is that she didn’t even win. Yes, she was in the top three, yes she has a good voice, but to me it’s not fair. The same thing went when they brought Alex Newell onto the cast. NEITHER OF THEM WON. So why is it far for Ryan Murphy to write a role for them when the people who did win are hardly even in it? Damien McGinty isn’t even on this season again and he was one of the first winners. Samuel Larson did get signed to stay on the cast this season, but he’s lucky if he has a single line or a part in a song in any given episode. Where here is Alex Newell who was supposed to only have two episodes LAST season and he gets more of a role in this current season than last year’s winner. It’s just not fair to me. And I will admit I like his character and his relationship with Marley because it’s a different yet similar relationship to Kurt and Rachel who are not around anymore. But seriously? Ryan Murphy even made the point this season to say there will be only ONE winner, yet here he is casting Ali, who LOST. If that’s the game he wants to play, why not get more people in there that he liked? I’d love to see Aylin Bayramoglu, Cameron Mitchell, Michael Weisman… Since winning doesn’t even matter, why not put them on?

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ANYWAYS, Emma’s cousin is really mean to Artie because he’s in a chair and she’s supposedly too good for him. Eventually she comes around and they go upstairs in their hotel room to hook up. Just like every body else in the show. Seriously. I got real excited when Finn was giving his spiel to Rachel with the whole “she loves me, she loves me not” deal with the flower. I swore they would get back together, but then Rachel runs out on him! Rude. And then at the end she was looking over her calendar and I thought it was because she was counting the days till she would be home to see him again, but nope. Apparently her period is late. So that was the cliffhanger at the end of the episode to keep us waiting for the three week break.

Also, Santana and Quinn are drinking because of their fake i.d.s and eventually, Quinn decides she wants to be a lesbian and hook up with Santana for the night. She does say that it’s only for the night, though, so I’m not sure if it will become Santana having a crush on Quinn now, or if it will get swept under the rug and not brought up again. I guess we will see.

We also see Blaine and Kurt get a room and Tina goes off on Kurt for pushing Blaine around. Which I’m happy she does. Because Blaine is obviously still in love with Kurt, and I can’t decide whether or not Kurt wants to get back together with Blaine, but he knows how Blaine feels and is using him. And it makes me really sad because I love those two together.

And finally, Jake and Marley. I actually really want Marley to date Ryder, because Jake is horrible. He didn’t even get her a Valentine’s Day present. Only when Marley handed him one did he turn to Ryder for what to do for her because his plan was to buy her dinner and lingere. And he tries to push her to sleep with him, but she stands her ground and says she’s not ready and I’m glad at least ONE person said no. So anyways, Marley figures out that Ryder told Jake what to get her for Valentine’s Day and he KISSES HER. And I was really excited about it. I really hope she sees Jake for the loser he is and dumps him and dates Ryder. I mean she was going to anyways until he had to spend more time with a counselor to help his dyslexia and not with her.

So naturally since there was so much drama and cliffhangers (Emma leaving, Ryder kisses Marley, Rachel may be preggo) there is a three week hiatus. So “Glee” will be returning  March 7 on Fox at 8 pm. Thanks for sitting through my rant, if you’re still here reading it. I just got really heated this week and had to share my feelings. If you want to tune in to hear my rant March 7, I’ll be here. Have a good one, guys!


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  1. I’m currently working on a couple of books. I want to start posting a little of one every so often to gauge reactions, but I keep switching from one to the next. Once I get a decent way into one and there’s an end in sight I will start putting parts up. 🙂

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