The Vampire Diaries: “Down the Rabbit Hole”

I’m sorry I haven’t been reviewing TV shows weekly. I keep forgetting, but my goal for Lent is to get better at that. So let’s see if I hold to it!

Okay, so this week’s Vampire Diaries is continuing to revolve around finding Silas to get the cure. Now I did get back to my room so I missed the first five minutes of it, so I’m not sure who this foreign blonde guy is, but I do know he is a hunter and he basically kidnapped Damen as leverage (I think) to get Bonnie to help with the cure.

Bonnie, Jeremy, and Professor Shane are all in the cave where Silas is. Bonnie does some weird spell that I didn’t even understand what it did, there was an explosion, and suddenly Shane had a broken leg. But you know, serves him right for setting up the two group murders, equally to 24 dead just so he could bring his family back. Since Silas can apparently raise the dead.

Then Bonnie is seeing her Grams, who I guess we can’t trust. Everyone is so wishy washy about waking up Silas, (can someone enlighten me as to why? I’m not sure why I don’t remember) and here’s all these hallucinations encouraging it.

Naturally, there can be no happen ending in this show, and they find that the cure only has one dose. Everyone wants it, but only one can take it. So the episode goes around in circles as people think that Elena should get it, since apparently she sucks at being a vampire, to give it to Klaus so that he can be mortal and they can kill him, or this “one of the five” wants to give it to Silas so he can be mortal and killed.

I kind of want them to give it to Klaus so that he can be killed since he’s threatening to kill Tyler. Which makes me really upset because I love Caroline and Tyler. But at the same time I really like that Klaus is so in love with her. If you haven’t realized already, sappy love stories always get me. Even if it’s the villain in love with a girl (who is probably my favorite character) who doesn’t love him back.

I also want them to actually just kill Silas with it because he drank all of Jeremy’s blood! So now I’m just extremely upset.

I’m not sure where this whole cure debacle will take us, or where I even want it to go, but one thing is for sure, I am NOT happy about what they did to Jeremy. Like, seriously?! Why was that necessary? Also, where has Katherine even been all this time? And why is she so determined to awaken Silas? So many questions and I have to wait an entire week to hear them answered. If they even will be.

You can watch the show on the CW on Thursdays at 7 pm. Watch it with me and then check back up here either Thursday night or sometime Friday for my ranting reaction to it. Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!


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