Safe Haven: The Movie

This is a couple of days behind, so I’m really sorry. But Friday I saw “Safe Haven” and it was so incredibly good! There were so many differences, and it usually bothers me when they change things in movies, but for whatever reason it didn’t bother me too much with this movie because I thought it was so well done.

I wasn’t sure how they would portray it, but I think they did a fantastic job. They did change the daughter’s name from Kristin to Lexy. At first it bothered me that they would feel the need to change a name of a character, but I liked Lexy better for the little girl who was portraying her.

The casting was so perfect too. Josh Duhamel is amazing. I absolutely love him. Julianne Hough has been on my girl crush list, so I was so happy she was in it. Cobie Smulders from How I Met Your Mother. I shrieked when I saw her name in the screen in the beginning. She’s so great. Everyone was how I pictured yet better somehow.

They did change things like instead of going to the carnival in town, there was some big Fourth of July parade and party they went to. So that’s not big deal. They changed that Alex was driving his coworker to get her daughter from the airport to he was shooting off fireworks with Josh while Katie took care of Lexy. There was also the whole change of when Kevin was looking for Katie, he made signs saying she was a suspected murderer. Alex ended up finding these signs and getting upset with her. That was definitely not how he found out about her past in the book.

Katie doesn’t think about leaving in the book like she does in the movie. There was also the fact that Alex was kind of dismissive about her for a long time, when in the book it was Katie who was dismissive about him being so nice to her. That one actually kind of bugged me because they made Josh Duhamel’s character kind of rude at some scenes. And I love Josh Duhamel. If you guys didn’t realize that by now. The ending scene was different too. (I’m trying hard not to say how so because it will give away the ending. If I haven’t hinted at it already. If I have, I deeply apologize.)

So although there were minor differences, I still personally feel that they did the book justice. Because let’s be honest, they never keep movies exactly like books. I think they did a good job with the plot in making it understandable for those who didn’t read it. I’m sure “Safe Haven” book sales are through the roof right now, but there are some few cases (my sister) who just don’t like reading and probably won’t pick it up. (Which is a big mistake. Huge.**)

I’m a huge proponent of making people read books that are movies. Whether it’s before or after, because it’s a movie or just because it looked interesting, I think you should definitely try reading the book. And if you think the movie’s better, that’s fine too. But I think movies are a way for authors to kind of get their books out there so people can  know about them.

So ranting cut short, if you haven’t picked up “Safe Haven” yet, do it. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, highly encouraged. If you’re planning on only doing one or the other, shame on you. Do them both. Compare and contrast. Leave me comments on your reactions to the differences or similarities or the casting. (We can discuss our celebrity crushes together. Sounds great right?) So have at it, guys! I don’t think you’ll be upset.

PS. Bonus points to the reader who can name what movie the parenthesis with the ** is from. If you guess it, I will probably want to be your best friend.

Happy Monday!


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