“Hopeless” by Colleen Hoover

I was forced to take this book back with me to college after a weekend home. I kept declining it because I wanted to focus on schoolwork and be a good student because I KNOW that I will get nothing done with a book around. I proved myself right after reading this book in five days.


OH MY GOD. I can’t even formulate words right now. This book is so amazing. Totally not what I expected. First, I want to take a moment to appreciate how sarcastic the author was. The wording was absolutely perfect. (Especially to someone fluent in the language of sarcasm.) It was witty and funny and I laughed out loud a couple times because of some of the wording. It was so great.

And the plot! I thought it was going to be some young adult typical romance. They met, fall in love, something happens and they break up, then get back together type deal. Totally not what I expected. The first half of it may have been a semi-typical teen romance with some hints as to what was up next, but seriously once I was 55% in (my Kindle keeps track of my progress by percent.) it got really intense.

If you’ve been reading a majority of my posts on books or movies, you will know I like to pretend like I’m psychic and can know what’s going to happen, and usually I can. But with this book I was always shocked. I would figure out what the person was about to say just as they were about to say it. It is definitely not what you’d expect. Such a page-turner!

This is so awkward too, but I don’t think I’ve ever been in love with a fictional character more in my life. Which is hard to admit because I’ve dated a few unreal people in my mind already, but Dean Holder? Good god. If this boy was real I’d probably be stalking him as we speak. I thought he was going to be some jock type jerk or leave when things got rough, but he was so perfect. I seriously want him to be real so I can marry him.

I also loved Sky. She’s witty and sarcastic. She’s basically me. Except I can’t run that much. Or date Holder. So I guess she wins. And I loved her friends Six (even though I hated her name.) and Breckin (who was hardly in it but I still loved him.)

I can’t even get into the plot too much and why I loved it because it’s so crazy and I do not want to be giving it away or else it’ll totally ruin it. But seriously, read it. I know, I say that about like everything I write about, so I’m sure I don’t have much credibility. (except I do because these reviews are about awesome books, people.) Honestly read this book. I kid you not, you will not regret it. I laughed, I cried, I just could not stop myself from reading it whenever I had a free second.

SO once you acquiesce and pick it up, write to me your reaction. Because I will be here ready to discuss our mutual love for Holder and our shock at Sky’s life.


3 thoughts on ““Hopeless” by Colleen Hoover

  1. Nice reviews. I’ve also read hopeless, losing hope, slammed, finding cinderella (haven’t got that far down the list on your blog)…Hopeless is currently my all time fav!
    I’ve just started out a new blog on books so far…itd make my day if you check it out! Cheers

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