The Vampire Diaries: “Stand By Me”

Hey, guys! So Vampire Dairies last night. Did that break your heart or what? So Jeremy is dead. Or is he? I personally cannot believe that they will not bring him back. I don’t understand why they have to kill EVERYONE? Vicky died, Anna, Bonnie’s Grams, Aunt Jenna, Alaric, now Jeremy? It’s just ridiculous. You can’t kill off every character or make them a vampire. I’m pretty sure Matt is the only human in their group left.

Speaking of Matt, did anyone else’s heart break when he walked in and saw Jeremy’s body? I was so sad. But at least he understood. Elena was in annoying denial almost the entire episode about how he isn’t dead. (Which I shouldn’t be judging because my entire above paragraph is denial. But come on, Elena. You can smell it decomposing.)

And obviously Bonnie still loves Jeremy because she agrees to help Silas raise the dead. She technically agrees to help Professor Shane, but at the end we see Professor Shane all bloodied up still on the island. So the Shane that is with Bonnie in Mystic Falls is SILAS. Major twist. Totally didn’t see that coming. So I’m thinking Bonnie will get sucked into it. Part of me is excited because I miss Jenna and Alaric too. But at the same time, they’d have to raise every dead supernatural person. So then all those members of the Original family will be raised and the hybrids. It’s just a sticky situation.

So to get the power to even raise the dead, Bonnie has to complete the expression triangle. Which consists of one more massacre of 12 people. That’s a lot of people and I don’t know if Bonnie could take it. Plus I thought Silas could raise everyone but apparently it’s just the immortals. So that’s unfair to the 12 people the pastor killed at the beginning of the season.

Speaking of the pastor, did anyone else forget about April Young? I’m glad they wrote her character out. She wasn’t doing much except causing problems for everyone as they tried to keep the secret from her, since she seems to be the only clueless one in town. But then she found out and just got way more annoying.

So I guess I understand Elena wanting to set her house on fire, but at the same time dramatic much? It just bothers me when that stuff happens because it’s like did you not want pictures? Or the things your mom and dad left behind? I’d say I bet she regrets it, but Damon stupidly told her to turn off her emotions. That’ll probably get regretted quickly.

Also, what is Rebekah still doing on the island? And where did Katherine go? And what did she want with the cure? These are all questions I hope we find out within the next episode or two.

Unfortunately, The Vampire Diaries is taking a break and will be back March 14th at 7pm of the CW. So until then, readers. Have a good weekend!


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