“Something Blue”

So I actually finished this book about two days ago, but for whatever reason never got around to writing about it. Sorry, everyone! I guess that also shows my reaction to the book. If I have a really strong reaction, whether it’s extreme obsession or absolute hatred, I have to hop on right away and write about it. This book was just kinda .. eh.


It’s not that it was bad, I personally liked it better than “Something Borrowed.” Whether it’s because the plot was actually better or just because I saw the movie first and knew what was going to happen in “Something Borrowed” and got bored, I couldn’t tell you. It was just a slow read to me. It felt more like a chore to finish it, like I read it so I could move on and read other things.

The story is about Darcy this time around. The first couple chapters give her point of view from the whole cheating on Dex, getting pregnant, and then finding out Dex was cheating deal. I was really annoyed reading that part at first because she was cheating on Dex too, but here she is talking about how bad of people they are.

Then it’s all about her relationship with Marcus and you can tell Marcus is totally not interested. So then when she realizes she has no friends she moves to London with Ethan. I liked their banter and their relationship. It took like ¾ of the book for me to start getting into it, though. And I knew once she got to London how it would all end.

It’s not that the book was good or bad, it was just slow and predictable. And we all know I sometimes enjoy predictability, but that’s only if the book or movie has me intrigued from the second I pick it up. If it’s boring AND predictable it’s like why did I even bother?

I heard when “Something Borrowed” was first released as a movie that they had also bought the rights to turn “Something Blue” into one as well. I later heard they pulled the plug on it because it would be too hard to make a story with how they tampered with Ethan’s character in the movie. I personally could still see it becoming a movie.

Show a quick flashback of finding Dex cheating from Darcy’s point of view. Show us some of her relationship with Marcus and how bad it is, him meeting her family, her realizing Claire is a terrible friend. Then she’s in London bickering with Ethan for a while. That could be really funny because John Krasinski is a god and everything he does is perfect. Then show Darcy  changing. I think it could still work, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see if the screenplay writers agree and change their minds.

If you read “Something Borrowed” and absolutely loved it, I’m sure you’ll like “Something Blue”. If you haven’t read either yet, maybe hold out for something more climactic.


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