Glee: Girls (And Boys) On Film

So Glee came back last night! The title of it is kind of stupid, but there were some good songs in it and it made my life. “Footloose”, “Shout”, “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend” was mashed up with “Material Girl”. It was pretty good music wise.

Plot wise I thought it was good too. We finally got Santana and her attitude back. THANK GOD. The show was not the same without her running her mouth. I was really amused with her dialogue, especially when it irritated Rachel because let’s be honest, Rachel’s annoying in this season. As if she wasn’t full of herself enough in the first three seasons, she’s acting like it’s all about her and she’s a massive diva. Like, yeah, let’s just walk all over Finn and then go back and hook up with Brody. I’m not sure how I feel about Brody yet, but apparently Santana thinks he’s a drug dealer. I really hope so. I kind of want Finn and Rachel back together…

Who I want together MOST though, is Kurt and Blaine. COME ON KURT. You know you’re still in love with Blaine. Stop pretending like it’s not a big deal. I feel like it’s only a matter of time until they’re back together. If not now, by the time Blaine is in NYADA in New York, they have to. Because there’s no way that voice of an angel isn’t getting into NYADA.

Then there’s Will, who’s been down in the dumps lately. I get it, Emma left you at the alter and it sucks, but stop moping and go out and get her. Eventually Finn finds her for Will and they sing a cute song and Will does the whole holding up a boom box outside her window thing and my heart melted. Who doesn’t love 80’s movies? Then they decide to “start over”. Whatever that means. I guess Emma doesn’t feel like they know each other anymore since Mr. Shue was in Washington to save the arts or where ever he went. I kind of get it. Even though his character has been back a few episodes, he’s hardly even there doing anything. So that’s good that they’re working on it instead of calling it a day.

Then Finn decided he needed to tell Will about his accidental kiss with Emma and I guess it really pisses him off. The same thing happened when Marley told Jake that Ryder kissed her (which he should break up with her for because he’s kind of a tool and her and Ryder are so much cuter anyways. ) Here’s what I don’t get: why do people get mad over a simple kiss? It’s not like they slept together, it’s not like it happened more than once, and it wasn’t planned like “hey, I’m going to piss your boyfriend off and kiss you, is that cool?” It just happened. So I think Will and Jake need to get over themselves because the girls are still there pining over you, so you obviously are the first choice over the mouth abusers.

Glee is back next week Thursday on Fox at its regular time of 8 pm. Watch it because they’re doing N*SYNC. Life made. I absolutely can’t wait. Happy Friday, readers!


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