The Vampire Diaries: Bring It On

Hello, bloggers! Guess what came back last night! The Vampire Diaries, that’s what. When we last saw Elena Damon had convinced her to turn her humanity off (which was probably the stupidest thing he could ever do) because Elena was so depressed because Jeremy died (HE CANNOT BE DEAD).

So I’m obviously still completely in denial about Jeremy being dead, because Elena’s family seriously can’t all have died. So I think that Silas will raise the dead. Whether they all stick around for a while or not, I’m not sure.

But anyways, Elena has no feelings now. So she is completely crazy. The very first scene is her feeding on someone. Then she feeds on a cheerleader. She does not care at all about anyone anymore. Even her sire bond isn’t working.

Speaking of sire bond, I actually really want her and Stefan to get back together. It seems like she kind of does too because she got all jealous when Stefan was dancing with Caroline. NO. Just, no. Stefan and Caroline? I don’t think so. Caroline and Tyler were so perfect. Stupid Klaus had to go chase him out of town, causing Tyler to send Caroline a break up letter.

And Klaus and Haley?! What? I don’t understand if they’re both just using each other and pretending like they like each other of if they actually like each other. Because Klaus is using Haley to find out information about Katherine and why she needed the cure and where she’s going, but Haley is kind of using Klaus for a place to stay and protection. And then he mentions something about recognizing her scar and maybe being able to trace her family. (I thought her family was dead? Sidenote.) So eventually they just hook up and I couldn’t tell you why. Especially since Klaus was so in love with Caroline and now he even has a fair shot with Tyler gone.

Also, there was that guy that Damon killed. I believe his name was Will. What could he have possibly known that was so dangerous that Damon had to kill him? And why would he? It seemed like they were friends. Is the cure really that big of a deal? I think they should just cram it down Elena’s throat and then her and Stefan can fall in love again like they were in the first season and the show can go back to not being so depressing.

Since Bonnie, Silas, and the cure was hardly mentioned this episode, I have a feeling we will find out more about them next week. So if you’re extremely intrigued, The Vampire Diaries is on the CW Thursdays at 7 pm. See you later!


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