Hello my small, but loyal band of followers. On this very cold, very unspring-like spring break I found and finished a book! Typical, right? I was going insane in school because the final book of the Delirium trilogy, Requiem finally came out! But since I had midterms and papers due I kept myself motivated by allowing myself to sit and read it in three days over spring break. And mission accomplished!

Although it took me three days to read it, it was more so out of an “I’m just curious what’s going to happen” kind of motivation, instead of my usual “I CANNOT STOP READING THIS BOOK” type. The book was good, but it wasn’t exactly gripping to me.

I really liked how they had the story from Lena’s view and Hana’s. At first I was like ugh, why does she keep having it from all these different points of views. I just want to see what Lena does. (Because in Pandemonium it shifted from Lena in the Wilds to Lena on her mission with Julian and then there were multiple mini stores released of Delirium from tons of other points of view. The end of my book even had an excerpt from Alex; a short about Alex’s life, naturally.)

ANYWAYS, this time I kind of enjoyed it because it showed how the life of a cured is. In this case, it didn’t seem to me that Hana was even completely cured. Plus her fiancé was extremely crazy. So hers was pretty interesting to me. At times I would say it was even more interesting than Lena’s point of view. Let’s be honest, a 400 page book solely about her living in the Wilds, trekking along to the final battle and debating between Alex and Julian would have been kind of boring. There were points were I would actually zone out on Lena’s part because I was just so sick of it.

Don’t get me wrong, I think Lauren Oliver is an amazing author, but she gets so descriptive of everything and after a while I started skimming the descriptions like “yeah, let’s just get this plot rolling, okay?”

The ending was both how I predicted and not how I predicted at the same time. How I predicted because Lena ended up how I expected (how I WANTED her) to. Which made me really happy because in the middle-ish I got really upset when I thought that she wouldn’t end up with the guy I wanted her to end up with. But that all worked out in the end. But Hana’s ending was not what I expected.


I thought that maybe Hana would slowly snap out of her cure and become the old Hana again. I mean, she was kind of getting there. She was feeling remorse for Lena and she didn’t want to marry Fred and when she even saw Lena she was pretty nice to her and helped her. But I thought she would go find Lena and live in the Wilds with her. All we even get is that she wants to be paired again to someone not crazy and live happily ever after. Her ending is actually left up in the air. I guess Lena’s kind of is too, but not too bad.


What I was kind of sketched out about was the very last two paragraphs, though, because I thought the ending was all fine and dandy and then Lena starts talking directly to the reader. And I’m sitting here like “awkward. Don’t you have things to do in your unreal world besides trying to give me a life lesson that you basically just demonstrated?” To me it was like the author verifying her message, and it seemed like “if you didn’t understand what I was trying to tell you through these last three books, here it is directly.” It kind of undermines the reader. I don’t know, I just wasn’t a fan of it.

So having waited an entire year for the final book (that’s right, folks. I read the first two LAST YEAR before they were cool and before it got signed on the be a TV show. I’m ahead of the game of the trends for the first time in my life.) I would say I built up how good it would be in my mind. It was good, don’t let me undersell you. I just expected a little bit more.

If you read the first two, obviously read this one. If you liked the Matched trilogy you will probably really like this one. If you haven’t read any of those books, then why are you still reading my reviews? I feel like we don’t have much in common then. Just kidding. Stick around. You’re all very valuable to me.  Keep on reading, guys. Happy hump day.


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