Never Too Far

I was so excited when I finished Abbi Gline’s “Fallen Too Far” and found an excerpt from the sequel “Never Too Far” and then saw that it was even already out! My only upset was that it wasn’t available in print, only on the Kindle, and if it was available in print I could not find it anywhere. And seeing as I was in school and my Kindle was at home, I had to wait a good week before I could read that happened. When I finally got my chance I finished it in two days. I could probably have finished it sooner but I had to socialize with my family while I was home too.

I both really loved this book and was really frustrated with it. Blaire is constantly talking about how she couldn’t fit into Rush’s world because Nan was in it and how he already has and will always choose Nan over her. Like, yeah he didn’t tell her Nan’s secret but he was going to. So I understand why she was hurt, and yes, Nan is a terrible person and I really dislike her, but stop being so dramatic, Blaire. You really think you can handle what you’re going through without Rush? That was another thing! She kept pretending like she could handle this all on her own, that she could live with Bethy for a bit and raise enough money to move in four months and live on her own. I just didn’t understand why she wouldn’t tell Rush and get his help. Stupid.

Then Rush was obsessed with Blaire. Totally dumbstruck with love (which I obviously absolutely adored. Thank you Abbi Glines for the dual perspective. You know just how to make me happy.) and he’s saying he’d do anything for her if he just got the chance. Then he did and he kept blowing it. He tried but he just kept screwing up and being all “give me one more chance, I promise I’ll show you I’m worthy.” So I’m just sitting here like “she already gave you like four chances. Are you serious?” But at the same time I wanted them together so I was rooting for his millionth chance, and Blaire usually gave in because she was head over heels for him too, even though she didn’t want to be.

Also, it kind of just stopped. Right when things got better it was wrapped up. Good news, though, there is going to be a third book out this summer! I’m so excited. There’s also going to be one about Woods released April 23. Guess who will be buying that. *Raises hand* AND one about Grant released in the fall! Abbi Glines, you machine. Turning out books like there’s no tomorrow.

These negatives aside, I absolutely adored this book. Drama and romance and some fun sarcasm. (We all know how much I appreciate that. And if you didn’t, you sure do now.) If the third book is a better wrap up for the Blaire and Rush story, I will praise this series. If it kind of drops off again, I will not be happy. I guess we will see in Summertime! Till next time, friends.


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