The Vincent Boys

Hello, friends! I’m sorry, I’ve been slacking on the timing of my posts. I picked up The Vincent Boys around Monday and finished it either Wednesday or Thursday. I can’t even remember when I finished it. That’s how long I’ve waited to review it. But it’s here now. Better late than never, right?

So Abbi Glines books have recently caught my attention. She’s become my new Sarah Dessen. I feel the need to catch up on everything she’s written so far and once I catch up, keep up with what she puts out. I really like her as a YA author. I can’t wait to read some of her other stuff.

Okay, rambling over, back to The Vincent Brothers. I believe I actually only gave this book 3 stars on It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t amazing. I did give it to my roommate to read, so that shows you that I did enjoy it, I just wasn’t absolutely obsessively in love with it. I thought the story line was cute, but predictable. Also frustrating.

This book is about a girl who’s dating this perfect boy. And he goes away with his family for the summer and she ends up falling for the town’s bad boy, who happens to be her boyfriend’s cousin. Scandalous. Obviously she would end up liking one over the other, but it frustrated me that when Sawyer (the perfect boyfriend) came back into town Ashton (the girl who can’t make up her mind) goes crawling back to him and is like “Sorry, Beau (the attractive town bad boy), Sawyer’s back. This is over.”

It really frustrates me because they both really like each other, so why are they staying away? Don’t stay with someone when you have feelings for someone else. That’s just common sense.

(enjoy the view of Johnny Depp. You’re welcome.)

It also kind of made me upset that whenever Ashton talked about Beau she made him sound like a piece of meat. Always talking about how good looking he is and he has a great body. It’s like Ashton, Beau didn’t even focus on your body that much. Can you wipe off the drool?

I have mixed emotions about the book, thus the in-between star number. I do have the follow up book, The Vincent Brothers, which is set in Sawyer’s point of view and takes place after all the shenanigans happen. I will read that because maybe it’ll be a less predictable plot. I mean, I like predictable sometimes, but I’m not too fond of perfect. Which is kind of how this book wrapped up. Everything was completely resolved and everyone loved each other and life was perfect. There’s a difference between predictable and perfect. To me, at least.

If you like those things you will love this book. If you have both, you will seriously hate this book. So I’m hoping the follow up book is more gripping.

Enjoy the rest of your day, followers.


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