“The Vincent Brothers”

It’s finally Friday, guys! Thank God, right?

So this week, when I was putting off actually achieving things, such as homework and socializing and eating, I was reading Abbi Glines’ The Vincent Brothers, which is the book post Ashton and Beau and written from Sawyer’s and Lana’s points of view.

I really liked this book, but as always, I have some minor things I would like to vent about to you all.

First, Lana is SO dumb. So dumb. She is in the last book telling Ashton to let both of the Vincent boys go and do her thing and everyone will be happier. So then she goes home and gets a hot make-over and goes to live with Ashton for the summer with the sole intention of hooking Sawyer Vincent. I can’t decide whether I think that is romantic or creepy.

Then she sits around complaining about how Sawyer is still so in love with Ashton and she refuses to be second best and blah blah blah, and then Sawyer looks her way and she’s like “just kidding, I’m so in love with him.” So basically, the book was only important from Sawyer’s point of view, because we already know Lana’s deal.

Here’s another thing that gets me. At the end of The Vincent Boys, Sawyer tells Beau AND Ashton that they have his blessing, that they are meant to be and whatever. Then they start the book out with that same passage from his perspective and he’s saying how all is well in the world, he expected they’d be together and all that. And then it’s six months later and he’s sulking about how he lost Ashton. GET OVER IT. Six months? Really? Cause you were fine with it a while ago.

But just kidding, cause here comes Lana and she’s one hot little number. So he goes after her basically as a “distraction”, which turns into a summer fling. And he continuously makes Lana feel second best to Asthon. So he makes me mad when he does that and then he apologizes and then Lana is like “awe, it’s fine. You’re talking to me. Have my babies.” FOR REAL.

They are both just so stubborn and it makes me so so SO angry.

OTHERWISE, this book was actually pretty cute. There was romance and drama (obviously) and Beau and Ashton were in it (both of whom I like better, quite honestly.)

The ending was adorable and was later down the road. I won’t go into my minor disagreement on that for spoiler reasons (if you read this and want to chat about it, lemme know. I’m here for you) but it was still a happy, predictable ending. And since I love those, all is well in the world.

So here’s a good book for ya, guys! Pick it up, read it all, send me your thoughts. I’ll be around. Enjoy your weekend!


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