Glee: Shooting Star

This is a couple of days late, but I was away from my computer for two whole days. Can you imagine that? It was actually kind of difficult. It would have been much worse if I didn’t have an iPhone though, which is what I used to watch this week’s episode of Glee.

Okay, so I saw some stuff about it on Twitter before I watched it. So I knew that it was intense and that it involved a school shooting. I also thought I read that we finally find out who Katie is, but we just find out that the girl that is supposed to be Katie goes to McKinley and is named Marissa.

SO, the episode started off with a baby episode of Catfish, when Ryder sings to Katie (Marissa) and tells her that he really likes her. To which Katie is like, yeah, that’s not my name. And Ryder immediately blames Marley and Jake. They deny it, and later when they’re all locked in the choir room he decides to call fake Katie to see if she’s okay. The phone ends up ringing in the choir room so he knows it’s someone in the glee club.

Who do you guys think it is? I’m putting my bets on Unique. It kind of makes sense, doesn’t it? I think it does. Jake has a strong feeling it’s Kitty, but why would she go through that? She even made her confession to Marley about sewing all her Grease costumes in the choir room, so why wouldn’t she also confess to being Katie right away? It just makes sense.

Then there’s the big issue of the episode: the shooting. Okay, I have some really mixed emotions about this, so here we go.

I think it’s good that Glee occasionally adds in a serious episode. And it’s not like school shootings are uncommon, there have been SO MANY this year. I also like that they added the stupid asteroid thing in the beginning too to make it seem like just another episode and then BAM. Gunshots. I think it was good because these things happen unexpectedly. You can just be sitting around worrying about your cat being upset with you and then you’re locked in a bathroom stall trying not to make a sound.

But it seems to me that the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting was the inspiration for this considering how close after that the episode was written/shot, because episodes are usually filmed 6 weeks before premiere, so it was filmed early March? Depending on how long it takes to be written, I would say that was the inspiration. So my other question is: Is it too soon? Is it too soon to be covering this kind of thing after such a huge, horrific massacre happened? I personally think so. They could have waited a little bit longer.

Also, Sue left?! I get that she really cares about Becky and that it was all an accident, but why would she take the blame of it? They hadn’t even found the gun or the suspect yet so they may not have. That’s probably a little bit of undermining the law on my part, but still. So I’m a little peeved that Sue is gone. More than a little, actually. SHE CAN’T LEAVE.

I do give amazing credit to the actors though when they were all locked in the choir room. That was probably my favorite scene of the entire episode because it was so real. Everyone was so scared and crying. Sam when he was freaking out about Brittany not being in the room?!

Brittany when she was crying in the bathroom, standing on the toilet?!

Even them showing Tina being safely outside and freaking out because her friends are all trapped in the room, it was brilliant to show how people feel when they’re out of control of the situation and don’t know what’s happening to the ones they love and there’s nothing they can do.

What really got to me was the part at the end where they were all saying their last goodbyes on the cell phone videos. Oh my god. I was actually close to tears. It was extremely emotional and moving. So I will give them a million praises for that, because it was the part that really affected me most about the episode. The message of life is short and unpredictable, it was a good reminder to everybody. Even I felt the need to go call my parents after watching it.

If this episode didn’t make you want to cry, you’re heartless. Also, Glee is on next Thursday on Fox at 8. Let’s all watch it.


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