“Exclusively Yours”

Hey, all. I hope mother nature is being nicer to you than she is to me. What a tease. So this summer I was fortunate enough to go camping over a weekend where there was a street fair. Naturally, I was drawn to the woman who had tables full of boxes of books. 50 cents a book? Don’t mind if I do. I bought four and she stuffed another three in my bag for free. What an angel. One of the books she gave me was Exclusively Yours by Shannon Stacey. At first I was a little unsure because it seemed more geared towards adults than a teenager still reading Young Adult and Young Adult Fantasy type novels, but I really enjoyed it.

The book is about Keri Daniels, a reporter for Spotlight Magazine based in California, getting forced to try to get an exclusive interview with her high school boyfriend-turned- bestselling author, Joe Kowalski. Basically if she doesn’t get the interview, she’s fired.

So she meets with Joe, who is still hopelessly in love with her. He jokingly offers the proposal that she goes on a two week camping trip with him and his large, rambunctious family and every day she stays she gets to ask him one interview question. Keri agrees, which surprises Joe but he is excited about it.

I thought Shannon Stacey was a great writer! It was worded more maturely than the books I’ve been reading lately, plus the content and the characters were more mature. It was adult, but classy. There were sex scenes, but they were covered with class and covered briefly, and I greatly appreciate that. Overly descriptive sex scenes tend to make me uncomfortable.

It was also not only a dual perspective, there were three! Win for me. It was really interesting having the three perspectives. I love having Keri’s and Joe’s perspectives, but the added bonus of Joe’s sister Teri, who used to be best friends with Keri before she became popular and was currently struggling with her separation with her husband of 15 years, was interesting. I actually had mixed emotions about Teri’s perspective. Sometimes I was annoyed that she got thrown in there. I just wanted to read about Keri and Joe. But then they started getting more into her and her husband, Evan and I started to like her.

I actually think this book would make a perfect rom-com. I even imagined Joe as Ryan Reynolds. So maybe that’s why I loved it, because I had a mental movie with one of my favorite actors. But that’s the type of book it is. Funny, romantic, and just a tad dramatic, with a feel-good sappy, yet happy ending.

(I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to look at him. You’re welcome.)

And if it persuades you more, there are another TWO books by this author. One is about Joe’s younger brother, Kevin. The other is about Sean Kowalski… I don’t remember who he is, but I suspect I will find out.

So friends, if you’re looking for a more grown up based book with a teenage worthy love story, highly recommend this book. I actually just recommend it to anyone reading this. Go read it. Right now.


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