Undeniably Yours

Quickly trying to read all the books I have in my room before finals week. I have finished Undeniably Yours by Shannon Stacey, the sequel to Exclusively Yours. I can’t decide which one was better, honestly. They were both so good.

This one was told from the perspectives of Kevin, Joe’s brother, Beth, a nomad who bounces from town to town, and Paulie, a bartender in Kevin’s bar. Again, I was unsure of a third point-of-view, but I really liked Paulie’s. At first I thought she was going to be a co-worker hopelessly in love with her boss, but her story was definitely not that and I was really happy with the unexpected turn her background had. All I’ll say is that it’s a cute love story. She’s a little stubborn too, but I actually liked her more than Beth. She’s much more open-minded.

Okay, so this is no spoiler, Kevin gets Beth pregnant after a one-night stand at his brother’s wedding. There was this huge misunderstanding with whether or not it was a one-night stand or if they were planning on hanging out after that. So that’s where Beth starts to anger me.

She spends the ENTIRE novel unsure if Kevin actually likes her or if it’s just because she’s pregnant, which is an understandable fear. Also, she spent most of her life being super independent and all that, so she hates accepting help from people. Kind of get it. But after a while I was getting so frustrated with her.

Kevin is trying so hard to help her out financially since it’s his baby too, but she’s just not having it because she doesn’t want to accept freebies or some garbage. I honestly wanted to jump into the book and shake her.

And Kevin spends the entire book being adorable and falling in love with her. Oh, I can’t decide who I liked more, him or Joe. I also could picture this book as a rom-com. The part of Kevin Kowalski in my mind looked something like this….


(He used to be an underwear model. I can’t pass up showing shirtless picture. I feel like that’s understandable.)

Hopefully they turn all three of these into movies! (I’m probably starting Yours to Keep after this gets posted…)I guess only time will tell. Next is the story of Sean Kowalski, apparently Kevin’s and Joe’s cousin coming home from the army, who pretends to be this girl, Emma’s, fake boyfriend to please her grandma who is in town. Sounds interesting, right? I’ll let you know.

Have a good, Sunday, guys. Hopefully your Monday isn’t a typical bad day.


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