“Yours to Keep”

Hey, all. I have now finished the stories of the Kowalski men! Kind of sad, I liked them all. The last one was called Yours to Keep by Shannon Stacey, and was about Joe’s and Kevin’s cousin Sean who is finally home from 12 years of serving in the military. He’s barely home when he gets a knock on his door from Emma Shaw who tells him she needs him to be her fake fiancé for her grandma. I’m pretty sure that all happened in the first chapter. So it was off to an amusing start.

I got about 50 pages in and was thinking “this is kind of nice. It’s just a dual perspective this time.” And then the next chapter starts and it’s from Emma’s grandma’s point of view. I have unsure feelings about Emma’s grandma’s perspective. I thought it was funny to add her in so we could see whether or not she was buying Emma and Sean’s story. And then she started having this romance with another man. I’m all for grandmas and grandpas falling in love again, but I just wasn’t a fan of hearing her story at that point.

I was also getting frustrated at how stubborn Sean and Emma were. They had this strong chemistry when they first met each other and then the whole book they kept pretending like it was all just an act. It was making me kind of frustrated because then the chapters would flip to other points of view and it would be like “I like Sean, but he’s just acting for his family. He wants to leave when Gram does.” And then we hear Sean “I think I like her but she just wants me out once her Gram leaves.” The whole family is like no, you guys like each other and they’re both like oh no. It’s not real.

I thought this story was amusing. I liked the banter between them and the romance was cute, but I just can’t deal with unbelievable timelines. This story definitely had a surreal timeline for how quickly people fall in love and it threw me off.

Other than that, I really liked this book. I unfortunately don’t have an actor in mind who could play Sean. Maybe Channing Tatum? I’ll pretend like I do just so we can all stare at him for a second.

So moral of the story, the book was really witty and funny and cute and I enjoyed it. Minus the whole timeline thing. So read them all! You’ll love the Kowalski brothers, I promise.


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