“The Elite”

Two days, guys! I finished it in two days. Not sure if it’s because it was a quick read, because I was that captivated by it, or because I’m out of school and had nothing to do. I laughed, I got frustrated, I swooned mildly. So here we go. 

Here’s the deal, (I’m going to try painstakingly hard to do this without spoilers) I do not like Aspen. After all the garbage that happens with Marlee, he just keeps coming around to America (still hate her name) and not letting her let him go. Even after at the very end of the last book she basically said “Give me space. I’m in this thing now” and here he is, still risking their LIVES to try to win her back? You missed your shot, pal. Let it go. And he keeps trying to make her choose yet he’s sitting here like “I’ll be here if it doesn’t work with Maxon.” Soo… are you or are you not okay with being with her by default? MAKE UP YOUR MIND.

I hate Celeste, but she was a tiny bit more tolerable here. Maybe because she was hardly in it? Maybe because America finally put her in her place? That’s actually probably it. I still hate her though. Kriss is okay. I get where she’s coming from. It’s gotta be hard being in love with someone who is dating five other girls right in front of you. That cannot be easy. I don’t even remember the other two. Natalie and Elise i think? They don’t do much. They’re just here.

MAXON. Good, God. Reading this I was back and forth between liking him and being annoyed with him. Then I got annoyed with America not giving him more of a chance. Then I got annoyed with her denying that she liked him. GOD AMERICA.

Sorry, back to Maxon. I thought this whole book would be like the last one. Some dates, some girls swooning, a little drama, some rebel attacks and a couple eliminations. There were actually not many dates. At least not with America. And they focused more on princess duties and stuff, so I guess that was cool? But then they revealed this twist with Maxon. and then there was ANOTHER twist. And then I thought the book was over but surprise! In the last two pages it all turned around and set up a really interesting preview for the next book. Which is unfortunately not due out until 2014. We have so much time between now and the release that we don’t even have the date, just a year. Lame. I’m so bad with patience.

This one was way better than The Selection to me. If you barely liked the first, try this one. You may change your mind. If you still don’t like this one, I’m sorry I oversold it. But it’s a quick read. What’s two days spent reading going to hurt anyone? Just a warning, I’m on summer break now so be on the lookout for constant reviews. I read really fast in summer. I also have more time for movies and things. You have been warned.

Have a good rest of your Monday, guys!


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