The Great Gatsby: THE MOVIE

So I love The Great Gatsby. It is such an amazing book. So when I saw that they turned it into a movie I just about had a heart attack. When I saw that Leonardo DiCaprio was playing Jay Gatsby, I could not even contain myself. Be warned, this review may be biased towards my unconditional love for both this book and Leo.

I saw it last night and I for one give the entire crew two thumbs up. The screenwriters, the directors, the actors and editors. It was all done really well. I feel the need to go back and reread the book to see how close it actually was (because I will admit, it’s been a while since I’ve read it.) I laughed, I almost cried, I tapped my foot along to the 20s music when it came on.

There were some scenes that seemed so fake, though. It looked obvious it was a green screen. Or maybe it was just poor fixing up the background that was supposed to make the scene into a 3D movie. (Yeah, did you know it was available in 3D? I had no idea until I almost walked into the wrong theater because we bought tickets for the 2D.)

I also heard people talking about how great the soundtrack was. Maybe I’ll have to give it a listen on its own, outside of the movie. To me it was okay. It fit into how they were trying to make the movie but I didn’t think about going out and buying the soundtrack.

There were also some parts that made me confused. Like when Nick Carroway first goes to see his cousin, Daisy, and the scene is him walking into a room with billowing white curtains and there are women’s giggles and then there are two girls’ hands grabbing at each other above the couch with nothing else in view. I sat there expecting Daisy and her friend, Jordan, to sit up shocked and try to cover their naked selves up. (This is not at all the plot, but that’s how awkward it was. Like, what was the purpose of that intro? Not understanding here.)

I would say, though, that the movie was awesome with this all aside. They added some great one-liners for Gatsby (LEO), the 20’s wardrobe and cars and scenery and everything seemed pretty spot on to me, which made me happy since I have such an odd fascination with the 20s.

I don’t think the book was this way, but it was a frame story in the movie. It started off with Nick Carroway seeing a shrink and talking to him about Gatsby. I thought that was a nice addition to the way the story was told. (Unless it was already like that and I forgot.)

So, GAH, I loved this movie. Almost as much as the book. Maybe more. Maybe it’s tied. I can’t really decide. So go see it and decide for yourself. If you haven’t read it yet, shame on you. Go buy a copy. THEN see the movie. That’s always the best way to go about it. Quick, before it’s out of theaters! 

(And just for good measure..)

Can we just swoon over his eyes for a minute? 


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