I was super curious about the description to this Abbi Glines trilogy. A girl who can see ghosts and ends up falling in love with Death? Intriguing. I keep going back and forth with how much I liked it. 

It took my until I was 3/4 done with the book to actually get intrigued enough to sit and finish it. The first chapter was complete characterization. Which is important, but it was just so back to back to back that it frustrated me. It was like here’s the main character, characterization. Here’s her best friend. Characterization. Look at that hot guy her best friend has a crush on. Characterization. Spread it out, don’t just go on a two paragraph description of the character just to have one line of dialogue pointing to another character to set it all up again.

While we’re on the point of characterization, I will quick rant about the characters. Miranda, I can’t even stand her. All she talks about is boys and shopping. I’m sure there are girls out there who are like this, but my god. I just wanted to jump in and tell her to shut up. Wyatt was barely around but he was annoying too. I can’t even describe how. He wasn’t a cute boyfriend, he wasn’t funny, he was barely memorable. Lief, meh. He wasn’t the worst, wasn’t the best. Pagan. Well, I just can’t stand that she had no alternative word for “soul.” I should have kept a tally of how many times that word was used. Like, really? Ghost, spirit, phantom, specter. It’s not that hard to look up synonyms.

Speaking of words, the dialogue. Not good. Just not good. I would sometimes skim the dialogue because it made me shake my head or cringe. Do people really talk like that? Miranda talks all shallow, Lief keeps voicing his concerns about Kendra and how she has “problems”, problems we never hear about by the way, and Pagan just talks like an elderly person sometimes, while throwing in a lot of “um” and “uh”. Can you not focus your thoughts before one sentence?

Also, (I’ll make this one quick, I promise) THE NAMES. Bad. Just bad. Pagan (a girl, by the way), Lief, and Dank. Really?

There was also the plot. I can’t decide if it seemed rushed or if it seemed to drag. After the chapter of characterization, there was this moment when Pagan meets Dank. She talks to him maybe four times before she starts talking about how she can’t be without him and how he has this pull on her. A little quick? Mm, not yet. Then there’s this moment with Pagan and Dank, I think they kissed but I’m not really sure, and then she’s even more obsessed with him. Shortly after the kiss she decides she is in love with him. So that was fast. Then he vanishes and she shuts down and gets depressed because a piece of her is missing.

It all just happened so quick that she fell in love with him and then it dragged on when he was gone. After she meets Gee it starts to pick up again and hold my interest. Up until that point it felt like a chore. But here it went quick and I was like “cool, almost done” and then the end happened. OH MY GOSH. The end! Happy ending/twist/cliffhanger. MASSIVE CLIFFHANGER. I went and bought the sequel right away.

So what the heck? Just drag the book on and then throw in a twist I have to read? Good one, Abbi Glines. Very smart.

So, I mean, pros and cons here.  It could go either way. If you like all of Abbi Glines’ other books, you may like this one. If you hate slow story lines and then cliffhangers, don’t try it. We shall see how the next two go. Fingers crossed.


One thought on ““Existence”

  1. Yeah I read the whole series cause I loved Abbi Glines’ other books… Wasn’t sure about it. I liked the books but by the end I was just more meh than ‘shit my life is ending now I’ve finished this series’ that I usually feel when I get to the end of a good book. Persevere through the next one, I think you’ll feel much the same way about it though as you did book 1. Good luck!

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