I finished it guys! I will say that Predestined was better than Existence, and naturally I’m going to have to read the final book of the trilogy, but I honestly hope it’s better than these two. Predestined wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t as addictive as her books can be.

There was more plot than there was in the first book, I will give it that. Leif came back. (Quick bad book editor rant) Did anybody who already read this notice how terrible this book was edited?! I had it on my Kindle so I was upset I didn’t have a paper copy so I could take a pen and make corrections. Places were missing end quotes, there were awkward spacing that shouldn’t be there, and Leif’s name was spelled two different ways in the same paragraph.

Then there’s this whole flashback situation with Pagan and Leif. So I’m sitting here like oh this flashback must not be so long ago, she sounds pretty mature. Then she goes and says “I know I’m only nine, but…” WHAT?! I do not know a single nine-year-old who speaks like that. There was also a flashback when she was three that was pretty well worded for such a young kid.

And I’m going to take a minute for a hypocrite discussion. Pagan won’t give Leif the time of day because his father is a voodoo lord (first of all, ha, what? I can’t even handle that one.) but here she is dating Death. Really, Pagan? I’m just sitting here shaking my head. Then we get to meet some of these voodoo people and the “dialect” they had, my god, it was so hard to follow. I literally went to my room and tried to read it out loud to figure out what they were saying. Even then I was lost on a few words. Also, “gris gris” was used a lot, even when they were out of the dialect. I had to google it to figure out if it was a real word. (It is, by the way. So don’t let it bother you because it drove me insane.)

I actually kind of liked Leif. He was so nice to her and she just kept pushing him away and being mean because he’s not human and blah blah blah. Poor guy. I was rooting for you, Leif. Don’t worry. And Dank had a huge jealousy issue. I can’t decide if I thought it was cute or not. Maybe. I guess that shows how much Death overcame the emotionless-ness.

Then there’s Wyatt. UGH. Wyatt.

Well at least the end made my life happier in that department. But I read the description for the third book. Pagan needs to choose between Death and her possible soulmate on earth. Here’s my problem. Obviously Death doesn’t age because he was supposedly an attractive teenager when he came to take Pagan’s soul when she was three. So what happens when Pagan grows up and he doesn’t? Is she going to continue to date this teenage rockstar when she’s having her midlife crisis? I certainly hope not.

So for this question in my mind, I shall continue on to the third book. Let’s hope this resolves okay because right now I’m uncertain about this series.


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