I thought I had posted about Ceaseless by Abbi Glines already for some reason, but I guess I did not. I did finish it a week ago, though, so I just wanted to let everyone know it did not take me forever to read it. I actually think this one was my favorite of the trilogy. 

Okay, so bear with me. I’m trying to remember plot lines that I finished with a week ago. 

The book started out with this weird dialogue that was quotes from Pagan and Dank I think from the other two books and then things from the Diety about why Dank shouldn’t be with her and the test he’s going to have. This test is that Pagan’s memory will be erased of him and she will be reuinted with her soul’s mate and if he soul reconnects with him then she will be with him and Dank will be left in the dust and if she still ends up with Dank then they can be together.

So her soul mate is Jay. Which I kind of had to laugh at. Why were both her and Miranda’s soul mates people they met when they were in high school? Do you really meet your soul mate at fifteen? For real. 

But i personally hated Jay. Even when he was supposed to be nice, I hated him. Like, you can’t just make a date with another girl while you’re waiting for yours! And then see your current date and be like damn, “she’s smokin'” And pretend like you didn’t do anything with this other girl. Shallow. I just really was not a fan of his. 

I will say I was pleased with the lack of sexuality in this book. I did not have to cringe away from the page as I read. So props on that one. 

I did like Dank, though. A lot. But I spent the entire book like “well, what if Pagan ends up with Dank? He ages and she doesnt. Will she just be some grandma with this 17 year old rock star and no one will think it’s weird?” That gets discussed by the end though so I was like “oh, okay. That makes a lot of sense. Nice.” 

And I guess this will be a short and sweet with this review because I can’t remember much but the ending and I don’t want to give it away in case anyone wants to try the series on their own. 

But the ending was awesome. Not what I expected, but I totally loved it. It almost made it worth it to sit through the poor editing and spelling errors. (I kid you not. Maybe this was self published, but there were just so many errors she either needs to hire a book editor or fire the one she has because it threw me off the entire page when it was wrong.) 

So if you can brave the editing problems and possibly the first two books, I guess the third is worth it. 


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