“The Moon and More”

I absolutely adore Sarah Dessen. Honestly, she is my biggest inspiration. I have read every single one of her books, some more than once, and I think they are all so amazing. She is one of those authors that I HAVE to buy all the books paperback or hardcover, not on Kindle. The reasoning for this is unknown, I just can’t bring myself to convert. So I marked the release date of “The Moon and More” in my calendar months ago and waited patiently until finally, FINALLY, it came out. And like every thing she writes, I loved it.

I know a lot of people (myself included) have noted the similarities of all of her books. I read some pre-reviews on goodreads about how people feared she was just writing the same book over and over. I mean, some things are the same, but not always. This book was no different.

It had some things that were like the rest, but I still liked it. I would rank it in my top three. Right behind “Truth About Forever” and “Just Listen” (both AMAZING books if you like Young Adult Romance types).

I like that she left it open-ended relationship wise. She could have met a different guy in school, got back with an old boyfriend, we don’t know. But I know what I hoped for (reunion with old boyfriend!) 

I will throw out the character of Theo annoyed the crap out of me. I think he was supposed to, but I just face palmed every time he spoke. And I’m not one for PDA or huge romantic gestures, so I got all uncomfortable whenever he did something for Emaline. 

Sarah Dessen has an amazing way of ending chapters, and books for that matter, with these deep little nuggets of wisdom. She just slides them into the story so effortlessly that you don’t realize you’re even getting a lesson until you reach the end of it and you’re like “man, that was deep.”

I also loved the meaning behind not taking things for granted, behind second chances, and going for things you believe in that make you happy. I think these are all pretty well demonstrated in all books somewhere along the lines, but these were the words of wisdom I pulled from this story. 

The romance was amazing, the drama was great, the writing was fantastic as always, aside from Theo’s being annoying, I don’t have a negative word about this book.

So excuse my biased love for her, and pick up a copy. And then tweet her (@sarahdessen) a picture of you reading it at the beach and she will probably retweet it. Because she is so good with her fans. 

Enjoy your summer, friends! 

PS. Sorry both of my gifs were from Glee. Total coincidence, I promise. 


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