“Forever Too Far”

I finished the trilogy! These books are honestly such easy reads it only took me about three days to finish this book, concluding the “Too Far” series by Abbi Glines.

Here’s the thing about Abbi Glines. It is extremely impressive how quickly she puts books out, but quality is better than quantity. Or speed. There are SO MANY ERRORS in every single one of her books. It throws me off of the story because I’m so lost in how there was a random end quote at the end of a paragraph or how she switched from past tense to present tense in the middle of a sentence or how she completely forgot a word.

Either she needs a new editor or she needs to hire one because whatever she’s doing now is not working. How as an author can you not want your works, read by however many hundreds of thousands of people, to have so many flaws? 

Also, (I’ll keep it short, it’s not a new rant.) so. much. sex. I can’t even handle it. I started skipping pages because it is just so unnecessary. Her plot lines are pretty good. They can catch my attention, but she just puts in so many sex scenes and sometimes the dialogue is so bad, I can’t even appreciate the story because of the writing. I didn’t realize until I was in this book that the reviews on goodreads are right. The flow is so off it sounds like a high school creative writing project. 

She adds so much to a sentence it says something like “He did this and did that before he did this and I did that.” All in one sentence. And there are so many fragments. “I liked it. Very much.” Sometimes they work, but don’t be so over the top about them. It sounds so elementary. 

Unfortunately for me, I am curious and cheap. So when I saw on twitter that two of her books from the “Sea Breeze” series were only 99 cents, I bought them. So four more Abbi Glines books and I can say I have read them all. Not sure if it’s proudly or not, but I will have done it. 

On a plus side, like I said, the stories are pretty clever. Also, I really liked that she incorporated Della into it. I love when authors intertwine their stories. *cough cough* Sarah Dessen. 

So these books aren’t all bad, it’s just my obsession with grammar and perfection and being so into books when I read them that the tiniest error will throw me off. 

It was really cute, too. Some of the stuff in there made me smile. Like when Rush… well I won’t give it away, but the wedding is ADORABLE. 

(One more rant, them I’m done. Promise) GET NAN OUT OF THE BOOK. Get her out. Honestly, she does nothing for it. Plus the whole “He will always pick Nan over me and the baby and I just can’t have that, but she’s his sister and I understand” complaining that Blaire does, it was old after the first book. I thought we were done with this. Then she goes away and we’re happy. But then she’s back and we still hate her. She is not a necessary part of the story, just remove her. For real.

ANYWAYS. Enter at your own risk. If you get easily upset by typos and bad grammar, don’t try. Just don’t.

If you can look past these things and like some very graphic, very prominent sex scenes, enjoy. 


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