“Losing Hope”

I cant even. Colleen Hoover, I bow down to you. You are truly incredible and I cried reading “Hopeless” and then I cried reading “Losing Hope” because although it was the same story from different points of view, it was so so different. 

If you haven’t read “Hopeless” yet, you are honestly missing out on one of the greatest books ever. EVER. I literally shrieked when I saw she was writing the story from Holder’s point of view. I marked it on my calendar and impatiently waited. Very impatiently. Finished it in four days I think? And that’s with two jobs and a social life. So that just shows you how incredible it was. I could not stop.

I love reading books from the boys’ points of view because it makes me feel like I can understand the male species. I still can’t, but I like to pretend. And in “Hopeless” Holder was all over the place. He was so hot and cold and I was just sitting there like “what the heck is wrong with him?” But now i know and it all makes sense and I completely fell in love with him all over again. Like if he was a real person, he would be stalked relentlessly.

He was so sweet and romantic but he was so broken about his sister and Hope and oh my god. I just wanted to jump into the book and hug him.

Anyone ever heard of book hangover? Because I have that. Right now. I can’t even imagine reading another book right now because I’m still so emotionally caught up in this one. I feel so embarrassed admitting to that. But it’s so true. I felt the same way after “Hopeless” but now it’s totally done. There are no other points of views here and there aren’t any sequels that could do this book justice. It’s one of those things where it was so amazing, but don’t push it. Any addition would just take away from this piece of art.


There is really no content worth reading in this review so I’ll add some important things. The humor was so good. I love how sarcastic the dialogue is, I love how romantic and sweet Holder is, even in his thoughts. The writing is flawless. It goes from scene to scene seamlessly and she passes time so well without being like “Two weeks later.” The plot: incredible. The fact that she used scenes from the last book and they still felt brand new to me just from seeing them from Holder’s eyes, it’s just so impressive.

The letters he writes to his sister? Oh my gosh. They broke my heart and made me smile all at once.

Moral of the story here is read it. Read “Hopeless” then read “Losing Hope” then cry with me that they are over and we don’t know how to function. Then maybe we can read Colleen’s three other books and THEN cry again because she doesn’t have anything else out right away for us to devour.


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