“The Heat”

I told you guys I had a lot to say today. I was very busy this weekend. Friday night I saw “The Heat” with Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy. Oh my god. I was crying I laughed so hard. 

I thought it would be kind of like “Miss Congeniality” mixed with “Bridesmaids” partly because of the actors involved, partly because of the plot, and partly because of the makers. I was kind of off. And by kind of I mean very.

Yes, Sandra Bullock is an agent again. And yes, Melissa McCarthy is the funny badass who doesn’t give a crap again. But it was so much better than those movies, which is saying something because those are in my top ten favorites.


The two are forced to team up to find this drug lord in Boston. It starts out with Sandra Bullock trying to solve the case to get a promotion and Melissa McCarthy isn’t an agent, but a police officer who wants to get involved to “keep her neighborhood safe.” We find out later that she has much deeper connections to solving this case and locking the drug lord up.

The two make an incredible pair on screen. Bullock plays the awkward, power hungry, over the top, goody-good agent who plays by the rules and brags when she wins. McCarthy is more of the one who does whatever she needs to get the criminal, even if it’s pulling them out of their car through the driver’s window. They eventually rub off on each other and it is so funny to see.

I will say that this is not a family film, mostly because of the language. It is rated R, so that’s a pretty decent warning, but there isn’t a lot of sexuality in it. It’s honestly all swear words. If you played a drinking game to every time the f bomb got dropped, you’d be drunk in half an hour. So if your parents are cool with vulgar language, then have at it. Otherwise, I would just go with friends.

It’s seriously so funny. Two thumbs up. I will probably wait in line to buy it the day it comes out. Maybe I’ll even go see it again. It is hilarious. So go into the theater, get popcorn AND SODA (because you will choke on your popcorn from laughter), and enjoy.




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