I think this may be my favorite Abbi Glines book. I didn’t have a lot of time to read this week, but when I found time I finished this one in two sittings. Seeing as it was around midnight when I decided to sleep instead of finish the second half of the book.

There were very minimal errors in this book. I think I only found one (she used then instead of them) and that is it. There were a couple of sentences where I did a face palm because it was just worded awkwardly or something. 

Here’s my favorite example of awkward writing, though.

“Marcus leaned down and whispered into my ear, ‘Burgers, ribs, or both?'”

Why did he have to whisper to ask what she wanted to eat? You’re at a cook out. It’s completely normal to just walk up to someone and be like “hey, what do you want to eat?” Whispering to me means they’re trying to make something sensual, in which case, why is asking this supposed to do that? Weird. Shaking my head.

Whenever someone laughed they had to throw their head back to do it and Ms. Mary always started her sentences off with “boy” or “girl” and that got kind of annoying to me after a while. 

But I liked the plot a lot, actually. The things that were supposed to be sweet I sat in my chair smiling at. I liked that it was from Sadie’s and Jax’s points of view, but Jax’s would only be for like two pages at the beginning of each chapter and the rest was Sadie.

There were sex scenes. I resorted to skipping them. 

Also, After two or three weeks Sadie decided she already loved Jax. So, that was a little quick. But I kind of swooned over him too. So I’m not going to be too judgmental. 

I did not like Sadie’s mom. One bit. She irritated me from the very first page to the very last. Luckily she wasn’t in it too much, but I still didn’t enjoy it when she was. 

Similar to Blaire in the “Too Far” series with her Nan issues, I was getting kind of sick of hearing Sadie keep saying how Jax was out of her league and she knew he would break her and she didn’t belong in his world. It just gets so repetitive when there’s a problem. 

But what Jax did to prove he loved her broke my heart, but I did not expect it, so I kind of enjoyed it. Then there was the whole bike thing I didn’t see coming, then the ending I liked.

So, guys, I really liked this one. It’s a series, so I’m starting number two now but it’s about Marcus from “Breathe” and another girl we meet for the first time. So hopefully his story is just as good. 

Keep it real, friends. Enjoy your day! 


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