“Because of Low”

Okay, I’m doing this via my phone for the first time ever so it won’t be as fun to look at. But the content should be okay. I hope.
Today I finished “Because of Low”, the second book in Abbi Glines’ “Sea Breeze” series’s.
typical abbi glines book. Good plot, we see old characters again, and there are a lot of uncomfortable sex scenes I ignored.
However, this one had a massive twist I didn’t see coming. I know I say that a lot, but my jaw actually dropped and I gasped out loud. I totally did not see that one coming at all.
From there I finished the book in the same sitting. Her books usually go quick if you have time for them. I just didn’t have time.
I liked Low and Cage’s relationship, actually. I thought it was cute. I wish I had a guy friend like him. The names though… (Low is short for Willow in case anyone wanted to know. Also, Marcus called Amanda “Manda.” I don’t know why that bugged me.)
Since Marcus got his own spin-off book after being the third wheel of Sadie’s and Jax’s story, I can only assume the third wheel of Cage York will have his own story in the third book of the series.
So to sum it all up (since I’m trying to avoid writing the same review as I do for her books) if you like Abbi Glines, you’ll love this book. If you don’t like descriptive sex and cute love stories with sprinkled drama, don’t try it.
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