“While It Lasts”

Back on the computer, guys. Now I can add pictures and gifs and fun things. But the real fun thing is the words, right? Big dreaming. 

So I finished “While It Lasts” today. The third book of the “Sea Breeze” series by Abbi Glines. 

I kinda likes this one. There were a few typos that I cringed at. But I got over it. Sort of . 

I was right! It was about Cage. He got a DUI and his coach cut him a deal that he could stay on the baseball team and keep his scholarship if he worked on the coach’s brother’s farm. Naturally, the farmer’s daughter is good looking and Cage isn’t allowed to talk to her. 

So in the whole “want what you can’t have fashion” Cage ends up talking to Eva and you can see where it goes from there. 

There was a scene with Amanda Hardy (Marcus’ little sister) and Preston (Cage’s and Marcus’ mutual friend) that was strange but leads me to believe they will star in the fourth book of the series. I’ll find out shortly. 

I skipped a lot of sex scenes. This one had more than the others. But Cage has his nipple pierced and I had to hear about that a lot even when they weren’t fooling around, which made me upset because I don’t like the word nipple. I couldn’t tell you why. There’s a lot of random things I don’t like. 

Anyways, I liked Eva’s  side of the story. It was heartbreaking but sort of cute all at once. Let’s be honest, I liked Cage’s point of view too. Every girl wants to be the girl to tame the irresistible bad boy. 

And the humor in this one actually made me smile instead of face palm. So yay! We’re getting there. 

But like my last review said, her books are pretty similar, so if you hate them all, don’t bother. If you love them, get on that. 


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