“Just For Now”

Well since my laptop is in my room and my phone is in my hand, this review is brought to you from my iPhone. Taking advantage of this rainy Sunday and using it as an excuse for laziness.

So since its rainy I spent my day reading. Figures, I know. So I finished “Just For Now” by Abbi Glines and can proudly say I have now read all her books.

I did find a pattern. It only took me thirteen (I think?) books, but I did it!
Usually starts with an attractive female between the ages of 18-20 who meets an equally attractive male with ages ranging from 18-24. Because girls are suckers for hot older men. And I would say that sarcastically, but who are we kidding?
So they end up talking and liking each other but one decides they aren’t good enough for the other. This switches between the male and female. Then they decide they don’t care, go all out, have sex, and fall in love.
From there they are happy for about a week before some huge issue threatens their happiness. They usually walk away, cry, talk about how they’ll never find someone else, see them again and cry again.
Then their friends or family (but usually friends) talk them into trying again because they are just so perfect together and they are meant to be.
So they get together, talk about how upset they are, make up, have make up sex, and live happily forever after.

It’s like she has a template. All she switches out are the names, why they aren’t good enough, and the fight that tears them apart.

That doesn’t make me like her less. I like predictable sometimes. But after thirteen books, it gets a little repetitive.

So this book specifically, I enjoyed. It ranks a little high on my list. Id say “The Vincent Brothers/Boys” is my favorite series, this one is a close second.

I like that Marcus and Low and Cage and Eva and even Sadie and Jax are in it. The gangs back together!

The very first scene is Amanda trying to seduce a drunk Preston Drake. So that just sets the premise for the whole book.

I laughed at Preston’s job. Like literally, I laughed out loud when they said what it was. I won’t tell you because that’ll just ruin the whole thing, but it’s surprising.

I liked the dialogue in this book too. The jokes were actually funny and the sweet part made me swoon. Some of her other books would just make me do a face palm because it was so awkward. But this one was pretty good.

But like I said, it follows her usual template, so I suppose I don’t have much else to add. Cute, but predictable.

It was hard for me to feel bad when they broke up because I knew they’d get back together.

(I’d apologize for spoilers, but if you didn’t realize she always has a happy ending, I don’t feel bad. Sorry.)

So yeah. Same advice. If you like her, read it. If you hate her, don’t. If you haven’t read anything by her yet, I’m sorry for ruining all the endings.


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