We’re the Millers

I actually saw this on opening weekend, last weekend, with my sister. So this is incredibly delayed and I sincerely apologize. 

I absolutely loved this movie. I thought it was hilarious. It’s about a drug dealer who is asked by his boss to go to Mexico and pick up “a smidge of pot” which is more like a whole RV-full.

There’s this other family in an RV that we meet and I just could not handle them. I mean, that was the point of their characters, but I just face palmed every single time they were on screen because something awkward always happened.

I thought it was a little bit predictable. Ending-wise at least. Maybe it’s just me, maybe movies are just getting really predictable nowadays, or maybe it’s just Hollywood never wanting a sad ending, so we all predict the happy endings. Who knows.

There is vulgar language, crude humor, one scene with some nudity, and Jen Aniston is playing a stripper, so this is most definitely not a family movie. And if inappropriate jokes and talking about sex openly makes you uncomfortable, this movie is definitely not for you.

if you’re all for seeing Jennifer Aniston as a stripper, then go. She does an awesome strip tease in it. I am not embarassed to say I have a massive girl crush on her. I mean, look how awesome she looks for, what, 44 years old? INCREDIBLE.

I’m not a huge fan of Emma Roberts for whatever reason. I wish I knew why, but I don’t and I feel bad about it. She wasn’t outstanding in this movie, but I didn’t dislike her. So there’s that!

The guy who played the “son” though, he irritated me. He was supposed to be awkward, but I just couldn’t stand him. Everything about him.

All these things aside though, I did like the movie a lot. The rating R is well deserved, so if that’s not your cup of tea I would avoid it.


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