“The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones” MOVIE

YOU GUYS, this movie is awesome. And not so awesome. I, personally have some mixed emotions. Below I shall establish a pros and cons list as well as a book vs. movie list depending on how many I can write that won’t give away the movie/book for those of you who haven’t seen/read it yet.

Alright, so my little sister had not read any of the books. (She’s not a huge reader, but I am slowly but proudly ridding her of that lapse in judgement.) but she said she liked the movie a lot.

It was way easier to follow on screen for me. I thought maybe it’s because I read it, but my sister said she wasn’t that confused. So there’s that for you guys who haven’t read it yet. You can understand it and LIKE IT. two thumbs up.

It may also be because of this guy, right here.

Jamie Campbell Bower, ladies and gents. the PERFECT Jace, if you ask me. Yeah, Alex Pettyfer would have done decent as well, but I thought Jamie was great. (Yeah, as if I was on a first name basis with him. I’m going to pretend anyways) His accent may be what sealed the deal for me…

ANOTHER THING. Clary’s mom, Luke, all the Shadowhunters, everybody except for Clary and Simon had accents. It kind of threw me for a loop. But I enjoyed it, so I won’t make a huge deal of it.

Okay, plot twists. They kept it interesting by changing up the plot. At first I was like, this isn’t so bad. They can’t keep the book 100% as the movie, so I understand. What I DO NOT understand is why they felt the need to add things in the second book too. Maybe even a little of the third. AND they spoiled Jace’s dad. Thanks for that, writers. Sincerely, I’m only halfway through the third book, jerks.

Magnus’ actor was also very untalented as an actor. It was kind of painful to watch. Sorry, but really. So CON. That was a huge con.

I’m trying really hard not to spoil anything. I’m really sorry if I ruin everything from below and on, but I don’t find these to be too plot ruining, so I will continue on.

Simon did NOT turn into a rat at Magnus’ party. He drank an elixer and then got kidnapped. So Clary, Jace, ALEC AND ISABELLE (those two did not go with in the book) went to the vampire lair to save human Simon.

At this lair they did NOT run into Raphael and converse with him, which is kind of disappointing considering his role in the other books.

Simon was then hanging by chains and needed rescuing instead of being a rat in the pocket of a vampire’s trench coat.

While these parts were different, the vampire slaying scene was so badass that I can’t even say I’m upset about it. That was so rocking it made me want to be a Shadowhunter.

Let’s see. What else? Well, I’ll just throw out that I liked Clary’s outfits. After she got to the Institute and started borrowing Isabelle’s clothes. Also, the dialogue  carried over remotely frequently. I was really happy because it was sarcastic and humorous.

And Jace and Clary’s romance.

Oh gosh. I swooned. Lily Collins and Jamie (still first name basis) did so well. On screen chemistry?

or real-life chemistry? you can’t fake this stuff, guys. They were THAT good. I wouldn’t be surprised. In fact, below is the link where I read that they were rumored to be dating with some more kissing on set pictures. I think they’d be cute together. Anyone else?


SORRY. So much gossip. So little movie review. Well, I’ll get to the point. It’s mostly an action movie with some magic, family secrets, minor romance, a little drama and some complicated love triangles, blah blah blah. In other words, a little of everything so there’s hope you’ll like it!

It’s not too gory, there’s hardly any inappropriate language or dialogue, it’s not sexual. You could easily take a kid to see it. Whether or not they’d get confused and start believing in witchcraft, that I can’t guarantee. But it’s not bad.

So whether or not you read the book, I would recommend it. It’s a well-rounded film, I’d say.


Then read it?

Well, why not?

Enjoy your evenings!


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