“Simple Perfection”

And I finished Woods’ and Della’s story. Abbi Glines kind of changed up her usual pattern this time around. But she didn’t at the same time. 

Okay, so this may contain spoilers. I don’t remember what the synopsis all entailed, so I’m sorry if I give anything away.

So Della and Woods start off all happy and then Della overhears a conversation out of context and decides she needs to “let him go” and “set him free” and blah blah blah.

So she goes on this mission to find herself, finds out family secrets, digs deeper into that. All the while we hear Woods be depressed that Della is gone and he’s missing half of himself, he’s no longer whole, all that heartbreakingly romantic stuff that will make you cry that you are single and men like Woods Kerrington do not exist in real life. 

So a lot of the book is actually kind of sad because they aren’t together but want to be and you just want to jump into the book and shake them and be like “THEY MISS YOU TOO! FIND THEM! BE HAPPY AGAIN!”

There is a remotely happy ending. But then there’s a huge shocking twist and I was not satisfied with it. It made me really upset.

Abbi Glines news though! Remember Sadie and Jax in the first book of the “Sea Breeze” series? Jax is the famous rock star and Sadie was his maid? Well I guess his brother Jason Stone is getting a book in December. Mark your calendars guys!

Also, go to my website por favor. 🙂 




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