“The Hunger Games: Catching FIre”

 I saw this movie Thursday at midnight and I am still speechless about it. It was absolutely amazing. 5 complete stars from me. It was better than the book (which is extremely hard for me to say since the books are always better) and it may even be better than the first “Hunger Games” movie. Which is equally hard to admit because that was fantastic too.

The movie was incredibly close to the book, which i appreciate very much.There was one minor part where Heavensbee was supposed to show Katniss his mockingjay watch as they dance, but it was so small it barely bothered me. It was actually really smart on the movie creators’ parts because it threw the entire audience for a loop. I had read the books and I couldn’t remember who was a good or a bad guy. 

The plot starts out showing how Katniss and Peeta are living their victors life after returning home from the Hunger Games. Things are definitely not as they were before so they are still adjusting and struggling to. We are reintroduced to President Snow and hate him just as much as we did last time. Then he becomes worried that he will lose all of his power to the rebellions that Katniss accidentally started when she almost ate the berries that would have killed her in the arena. To prevent this, he initiates a plan to wipe her glory off the map. 

The casting was perfection. The story is mostly about Katniss and Peeta, as it was in the first, but it somehow managed to keep the story about them but develop all the other characters.

It was so heart wrenching too. I was almost in tears through AT LEAST 3/4 of the movie. It wasn’t nearly as gory and graphic as the first film was, but it still managed to make me cringe more. 

And the love story made me want to cry. It was so adorable. Can I just marry Peeta? I’ll even take Gale. Or Finnick. Can I actually just have all of them? Honestly. Just look at them.

My only complaint was that it was a little long, but it was still so worth it to sit there through it. I was never bored. Maybe a little uncomfortable in the seat I w as in, but I was so engrossed in the entire movie that I never once thought about complaining about the length.

I am still mind blown about the whole movie and it’s a few days later. There were some humorous parts, some scary parts, some sad parts, romantic parts, there was everything. Everything in one movie and it was amazing. 

I can’t believe I’m really saying this, but even if you didn’t read the books, go see the movie. You may, however be lost if you haven’t seen the first one. But as long as you’ve seen that, go. You will most definitely not regret it. 



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