I have waited over a year to read the third and final book of the “Divergent” triology by Veronica Roth and am really upset to say that I am extremely disappointed.

I have come to the conclusion that the third books of all futuristic dystopian trilogies are bad. “Mockingjay” (“The Hunger Games” triology) was okay, but depressing. “Requiem” (the “Delirium” trilogy) was boring and predictable. Reached (the “Matched” trilogy) isn’t even that memorable that I could tell you how I felt about the ending. And “Allegiant” is possibly the most disappointing of all of those trilogies, even if its first two were at the top of my list of favorites books.

The plotline in this book centers around genetics. Therefore, there was a lot of science terminology and it got repetitive and went over my head a lot. 

There was some romance, but a lot of the “romance” was bickering. It was either really good or they were constantly fighting. Also, Tris is still on edge with her brother. Then there’s Peter who everybody hates anyways. So there’s really only a couple of characters in this book that you grow to like. And then half of them aren’t around for it. 

The book went from boring to sort of climactic to depressing back to boring. It was a struggle for me to even read the last 30 pages. Because the ending was just SO BAD. I kind of predicted how it would end anyways, but just the fact that it actually happened makes me kind of mad. I understand that not all books have happy endings. As a write myself, I have it set up for plenty of unhappy endings, but this was just extreme and dramatic and completely unnecessary. There were plenty of other ways to end it to still get the point she was trying to make get across to the readers.

but I’ll leave you on a bright note. The movie for Divergent is out March 22, 2014 and it looks AMAZING. too bad the whole series didn’t end that way. 



One thought on ““Allegiant”

  1. Just finished Allegiant yesterday, and I am in a state of downright depression. I can’t believe how unnecessary and cruel that ending was, to the characters and the readers alike. The conclusion was malicious, and I agree that she could have ended it in other ways while still getting the same point across. Entirely dissapointed. I feel as if the whole series was for nothing, and I will never look at the books the same way again.

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