Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues

I have been a devoted fan of “Anchorman” for the past nine years. I thought it was hilarious and quoted it so much. While some people may not have a greed with me, I liked it and was excited when I heard they were FINALLY releasing a sequel. My only question was: why did it take them so long?

Here’s the thing. The original was a little bit far fetched in some points too. Or the whole movie. Either way, it was not easy to believe that it was a real story. But you just went with it because you thought it was funny. Or you hated it and turned it off after muttering a few choice words. The second movie is possibly worse with the out there elements. 

For example, Brick thinks he’s dead in the beginning of the movie. He literally speaks at his own funeral and the newsteam has to tell him “no, brick, you are definitely alive.” Is it possible for somebody to actually be this unintelligent? I just couldn’t. 

I was pumped Kristen Wiig was in this one though! Her character is also really stupid, but I actually liked her and Brick’s scenes together the best… 

There were funny parts, then there were awkward parts, then some slower parts, and then some funny ones again. So it was all back and forth. It wasn’t one of those where the funniest parts are in the preview or one of those where it’s funny until it hits a certain dramatic point and then it becomes serious and fizzles. It had humor the entire time, it’s just at some points the humor wasn’t actually that funny and at some it was.

Obviously, sequels are almost never better than the original (except I am making a case for “Catching Fire”) so I can’t say I’m not surprised that I liked the original better. I guess my expectations were just a little higher.

It’s not that the movie was bad, it just wasn’t as good as I was expecting.

And maybe my humor is different than yours. If you liked the original just try this one. You may enjoy it. 

Stay warm and safe as you get your last minute Christmas shopping done! There are a lot of crazies out at this time of the year. 

Until next time.

You stay classy, wordpress.


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