I know my “What I’m Reading” tab said I was reading a Nicholas Sparks book. But I couldn’t do it. I was 150 pages in and I just couldn’t bring myself to pick it up. I can’t decide if it was the story or because Nicholas Sparks books are all the same and I needed something else, but I put it down and picked up “Misbehaving” by Abbi Glines. (Speaking of books being the same.) 

I actually liked this one. Instead of being the perfect girl chasing after a bad boy, it was a bad girl chasing after the rich boy way out of her league. And even though Jason knew Jess was a bad girl and just a summer fling, he still treated her so well. It was adorable. Which is probably why I enjoyed it. 

At one point he held open the car door for her and she just looked at him confused because no one had ever held a door open for her. SO CUTE. Which may sound pathetic over on my end, but maybe that’s because I don’t get doors held open for me either. I feel you, Jess. What happened to chivalry, am I right? No? Okay, moving on.

I liked that Jess was independent too. She started off the book by bashing in her boyfriend’s truck because he cheated on her. Sounds a lot like a Carrie Underwood song, but I liked it. I was proud of her. 

And she knew that whatever was going on with Jason was a thing and that he was out of her league, but she didn’t change herself at all. She just kept being this little rebel and hid her feelings and it was great. Jason didn’t stand a chance. Neither did Jess, though, because he was SO SWEET. 

Naturally, per all Abbi Glines books, there was a lot of sex and uncomfortable scenes. Especially since there were strippers and stripping involved in this book. But even that being said, I feel like there were less awkward sex scenes in this one. Surprising right? I’m guessing it’s because Jason was trying to be a perfect gentleman.

Thanks for setting the bar so high for men, Abbi. 

Cute but remotely predictable ending. I still liked it. And i think all of the characters from the rest of the Sea Breeze series are briefly featured. So if you miss them, you’ll like it. If you like Abbi, you’ll like it. If you dislike her, don’t read it. 

If I don’t get to post before Tuesday, have a happy new year, everybody! Stick to your resolutions. The hardest part is starting.

Take care! 


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