I don’t know why I pretended I wasn’t going to finish a Colleen Hoover book in two days. Come on, it’s Colleen Hoover. And man does she know how to make you not want to stop reading. She also knows how to make you laugh and cry at the same time. How is that possible? Well I’ll tell you, it looked really ugly. 




So this story is about Layken (layla and kennedy combined. in case you were curious how it came to be) and her younger brother Kel and her mom moving to Michigan after the tragic and sudden passing of her father. The beginning is her coping with her dad and with the move. And then she sees the hot neighbor boy. The hot older neighbor boy. 

They end up going on a date to a poetry slam (thus the title) and have a great time and fall in love fast. Three days later they find out that they actually cannot be together. Surprise. But obviously they still want to, but they really can’t. 

I don’t want to give that away because it was so shocking. I’ll ruin your life if I tell you. 

Then as Layken is coping with how she can’t be with Will (the neighbor) but she wants to be with Will, she’s finding out her mother’s secrets that just destroy her world and my heart. 


I literally could not control my emotions. I don’t know how Colleen (in my head, we’re best friends and therefore on a first name basis.) can manage to take such serious and heart wrenching material and add in these little one liners that make you laugh or cute moments that make you smile or life advice that makes you want to grab some stranger off the street and just read it to them so they can hear this amazing insight. 

Truly an inspiration. Not only as a writer to other aspiring writers, but to anybody in love with someone that they know it won’t work out with, or anyone facing a tough time, or just to anyone looking for someone to tell them these little nuggets of wisdom. 

And this was her first ever book. I believe it was self-published also. Can we just take a moment and bow down to her? 

I’m not even giving you the option with this one. Read it. Go read it right now. Make it your resolution. Because we all know you won’t stay at the gym and your “healthy eating” will dwindle back to too much soda and a bag of potato chips. So you might as well stimulate your mind. 

Happy New Year! Make good choices. 



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